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The chocolate colored diamonds are really a standout from usual white and colored diamonds. The color, when contrasted with white, gives a spectacular look to the jewelry. Some facts of this lesser known chocolate diamonds are broken down here for its present and potential customers.

  • What are Chocolate Diamonds? Though they look and named as a diamond, it will not cost like the usual diamond stuff. The rate tags would range from $1,000 to $5,000 for normal chocolate engagement diamond rings. They stand out from other diamonds for its exclusive cut and clarity criteria.
  • From Where Had Chocolate Diamonds Emerged? Like every colored diamonds in the market, the chocolate diamonds are excavated from the mines, which are maybe brown or cognac in color. Australia, Brazil, Congo, Angola, and Borneo are indulged in the excavations of chocolate diamonds.
  • How Much Do Chocolate Diamonds Cost? Considering its need for the industrial purpose once, chocolate diamonds were in demand and were rated high. However, as more and more such diamonds became common, its demands started decreasing.
  • Are They Less Expensive than White Diamonds? The demand for chocolate diamonds is much less at any and all of the places to buy diamond rings. They are also less popular among traditional brides, as they prefer a colorless/white diamond for their engagement rings. This low demand and less popularity makes chocolate diamonds affordable than their counterparts.
  • What Does Color Treatment of Chocolate Diamonds Mean? It is basically the process of giving color to the pure transparent ones in order to resemble the expensive colored diamonds. Currently, many of those colored diamonds available in the market are color treated ones of which quite many customers are unaware.

The Real Picture of Chocolate Diamonds

Brown and chocolate diamonds look almost the same, with the former being a bit darker. The categorization of the two is done on the basis of the quality of the diamonds. Moreover, the chocolate diamonds, which are comparatively a new product in the market, are more of customized jewel that may cost more.

In reality, the phrase ‘chocolate diamond’ itself is done for marketing purpose of a particular diamond company. Many of those actual chocolate diamonds are color treated. However, you can also find natural chocolate colored diamonds from the mines in Africa, Australia, and Brazil.

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