Which One is a Better Buy: a Loose Diamond or Mounted One

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During the shopping process, many tend to feel that they only have preset engagement rings to pick from. However, that is a wrong assumption to have. If you think so during online diamond shopping, the idea of customizing your own ring perhaps never occurred to you. This offers many benefits as compared to buying a ring already set with a diamond or diamonds.

What Makes These Different?

Ultimately, it comes down to a slight difference between convenience and flexibility. Purchasing a preset engagement ring will be quicker and straightforward for you for reasons obvious. Going down the preset route means you already have a design or piece in mind and is therefore doing it. This is a perfect way of purchase for those who need an engagement ring in a rush.

However, it makes it trickier for buyers to properly evaluate the quality of a diamond. Now, why do we highlight this? Diamonds are sometimes mounted in a ring in such a way that the setting keeps their flaws away from sight. Most consumers do not know what to pay attention to, so it can be relatively easy to be tricked by an unethical retailer.

Benefits of Purchasing a Loose Diamond

Buying a loose diamond and selecting a metal and setting for it might be a tedious task, but it is still the wiser option. The benefits over a preset gemstone ring are numerous, including the following.

  • You get to inspect the entire diamond before it is mounted in the ring. This way, you can check whether the rock has any issues in advance.
  • This allows you to easily make a purchase in your stipulated budget.

When it comes to preset rings, most jewelers keep limited pieces in their collection, and you might be unable to get one that fits your preferences or budget at all times. You are forced to compromise on some attributes and choose one that is not as good as you desire, or raise your budget.

  • You can have the piece designed to your taste, or allow your lover to select the setting themselves. For men, choosing an engagement ring design is a tough dilemma, something which they most often face. This is especially the case if you are choosing one for your future wife, who is a modern type. The best way to deal with this is to let your modern girlfriend choose a design she prefers, and have it custom set.

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