The Truth behind the “Conflict-Free” Diamonds

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In case you are a conscious consumer of diamonds, you would only be interested in buying diamonds that have been acquired through the right sources. This includes both ethical and environmental sense. Many diamonds sold in the market are called “conflict-free” diamonds. These claim to be sourced through the right means and independent of the conflicts that are happening in the name of the diamonds. Below is a discussion on the “conflict-free” diamonds and the truth behind them.

The Misleading Nature of “Conflict-Free” Diamonds

If you have been following diamonds and their news, you must be familiar with the term “blood diamonds”. These are also known by the name “conflict diamonds.” It is a term that was first used in the 1990s due to the relation of diamonds and the violent groups that took control of the mining areas of western and Central Africa. After taking over the mines through sheer brutality, force, unethical ways, and weapons, these groups traded the diamonds illegally in return for money and weapons. It added to a further increase in violence. Diamonds sourced this way and eventually reach the markets across the world are commonly known as “conflict” or “blood” diamonds.

Back in 2003, the Kimberley Process Certification System was initiated. This looked to eliminate conflict diamonds from making their way to the mainstream diamond supply. This process offers the buyers the confidence that diamonds sold by the legitimate sources is not utilized to transfer funds for civil wars. However, there are concerns that this system enables evils like child labor, environmental atrocities, violence, and poverty.

After the consumers get to know about the injustices involved in the production of diamonds, they want to ensure that they avoid purchasing diamonds with a history of wrongdoing behind them. There is a common misconception that injustices are absent when you buy “conflict-free” diamonds. Studies suggest that 14-20% of the time, the diamonds found under this label is made after environmentally unsound methods and unethical deeds.

Unfortunately, the Kimberley Process, along with the mainstream diamond industry has succeeded in creating the false notion among people regarding the ethical factor behind the diamonds. Diamonds labeled as “conflict-free” do not necessarily take those which have been mined ethically. Neither do they consider the environment and the nearby community. Even though the best diamond online dealer may assure you, the “conflict-free” diamonds are monitored only to prevent diamond trade funded by rebels.

Bear the above points in mind before you see the “conflict-free” diamonds next time in a jewelry shop.

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