The Pros Of Buying Your Own Engagement Ring

3 Stone Halo Diamond Ring
3 Stone Halo Diamond Ring

Let’s face it: today’s generation of brides is different from the ones that came before. Everything from keeping your last name to gender-neutral wedding showers screams that things are going to be done differently, and this is refreshing, to say the least. The quintessential modern woman chooses to have her say in everything that happens in her life, so why not the same with the engagement ring too?

Going Dutch on your 3 stone emerald cut diamond ring is not a new fad by any means – trends show this has been happening a lot, especially in the past five years. Following are some advantages to a woman buying her own ring.

The Personalization Aspect

For a woman, her 3 stone halo diamond ring is probably something she plans to wear for the rest of her life. It makes sense that she’d want to get something that sparks joy at every glance at it. If you have a vision of the exact thing you want, then it would work out better if you picked it out yourself rather than tasking another person with the same job.

The Healthy Nature of Discussing Budgets

Just like all the other big expenses, a couple would normally deem it proper to discuss who buys the ring and how. The price tag could very well affect their combined budget for a good number of years to come. Maybe there are also other things to consider, such as where the man depleted his savings closing a dream home for the both of them. In such scenarios, it’s best to discuss the budget, and maybe decide that the woman will buy the engagement ring herself.

Getting The Perfect Proposal AND The Perfect Ring

It’s understandable if you feel that you’d lose out on the perfect proposal by picking out your ring yourself, but things don’t have to go down that way. Saying yes to a proposal means you’re saying yes to the guy proposing, and not what he’s putting on your finger. If you have a ring picked out already, you can hand it over to your boyfriend and trust that he’ll find the perfect place and moment to present it to you.

Bucking A Few Traditions And Feeling Good About It

It used to be that men got to unilaterally decide what ring was best for their betrothed to wear, but those days are long gone. Now, they share both the credit and the responsibilities when they’re one half of a couple, and for the women they do this with, it’s more liberating than ever. If you intend to be a bride without symbols of permission or ownership, then buying your own ring is a good step in that direction.

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