The Most Popular Diamond Cuts Available Online

Trends will always change depending on the variations in the taste and preference of people. Even though diamonds have managed to prevail in the jewelry markets for centuries, it has also undergone many changes over time. There has been a huge evolution in the shape of diamonds and it has become more elegant and beautiful over these years. Now, most of the people are preferring simple and brilliant cuts in diamonds and are not looking for any complex designs. Some of the best diamonds available in the online diamond store and in traditional stores that match the modern trend are as follows.

Round Cut

It is one of the most popular diamond cuts and more than 75 percent of the diamonds sold in the market are round cut. There are mainly two types of round cut diamonds namely European cut and Modern brilliant cut. The first category is an ancient design and it has its own elegant appeal but the latter is preferred by most of the people due to its beautiful sparkles. It is one of the most expensive cuts not only because it has 58 facets but also because of the complexity of its cutting process.

Princess Cut

Even though it is a diamond that emerged during 1980, it hasn’t undergone many changes till the 21st century. It is because these diamonds are a mixed design, that is, they have the elements of both step cut and brilliant cut. It is the second most popular diamond in the market. However, it is cheaper than round cuts. This is not because it is less popular but because there is only little wastage during the cutting of the diamond. This cut is preferred by those people who like a brilliant cut with a touch of antique design.

Cushion Cut 

When popularity is taken into account, a cushion cut diamond hold third position in the market. It is a design introduced in the 18th century and it is still preferred by many people due to its sparkling look. It is a rectangular diamond with curved corners and has about 58 to 64 facets. It looks similar to a round cut diamond because of its number of facets and the crown. It is also known as a pillow cut and it is available in both vintage and modern settings.

Oval Cut

This diamond cut was first made by a Russian diamond cutter during the 1950s. It is a modified version of round cut diamonds and it is has got its popularity in the past few years due to its flawless look. The main attraction of an oval cut diamond is its unique shape. These diamonds will also be much larger than other diamonds with the same weight due to their elongated design. The popularity of this shape has made it a major diamond design for most of modern jewelry.

Emerald Cut

It is very different than brilliant cut diamonds because it doesn’t have the same shining and sparkling look. It is the best design for those looking for colored diamonds because its large facets are better at exhibiting the colors compared to those with small facets. Even though it still has a place in the list of top diamond cuts, it was most demanded during the 1920s. The mirror like effect of the large facets of an emerald cut is the most appealing feature of these diamonds.

Radiant Cut

It is one of the most modern designs of diamonds. It is a combination of both round cut and emerald cut because it has the shape of an emerald and the sparkling look of round cut diamonds. It was introduced during the 1970s. If a person is looking for a unique design that can give a simple and sparkling look it is better to choose the radiant cut diamonds. These diamonds are very rare in the market because the cutting process is very complex and it will lead to a lot of wastage.

Asscher Cut

It looks similar to that of an emerald cut diamonds but will be having larger facets and higher crown. It creates a more beautiful mirror effect than other diamonds with a step cut. It is one of the most elegant and affordable designs of diamonds. This design came to the market during 1902 but it got popular only after 2000. Even though its demand is a bit low, it is still one of the most popular diamonds of all time.

The modern people like diamonds to be simpler. They are looking for those diamonds that can exhibit an elegant look without many complexities. This has made a lot of diamond cuts from the early times to evolve. The needs of the people have also led to the emergence of many modern designs like pear cut diamonds.  

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