The Diamond Engagement Ring Of Lady Kitty Spencer

Best Online Engagement Rings
Best Online Engagement Rings

Princess Diana’s niece Lady Kitty Spencer is over 30 years younger than her spouse Michael Lewis, who is a fashion tycoon from South Africa. Lewis proposed marriage to Spencer with a ring worth around £300,000 featuring diamonds and rubies. If you search for the best online engagement rings, you might come across some pictures of this jewelry piece.

Spencer and Lewis made their relationship public three years ago in NYC. Back then, they were spotted kissing after exiting Club 55, a French restaurant. She was spotted with the ring with an emerald-shaped diamond as well as flawless diamonds that weighed about 30 carats.

The band features emerald-shaped diamonds, and each of those appears to be weighing around 1.5 carats. So, the total carat weight of the jewelry piece is probably around 25 to 30 carats.

Going by the photograph of the ring, the stones appear to have a flawless VVS1 clarity grade as well as a color grade between D and F. Those are the kinds of features that make it one of the best online diamond rings.

A ring with this much quality is likely to cost £200,000 to £300,000, or perhaps more considering the prominence of this kind of jewelry piece. Last July, Spencer, and Lewis tied the knot in a wedding ceremony in Italy that lasted over three days.

Spencer had multiple wedding gowns and revealed a greater number of her beautiful engagement ring photographs. The jeweler that designed the stunning platinum ring took the photographs.

The caption of one of those pictures read thus, “a platinum handmade ring with a large diamond with an emerald cut with French cut ruby stones and accent baguettes around the centerpiece.” It is among the many platinum designs, as the jewelry piece is available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

It can come with an array of gems or diamonds as well. Royal watchers liked the engagement ring, as many of them who use social media commented with strings of hearts.

Her brothers, Samuel Aitken, Louis, and Viscount Althorp accompanied Kitty as she walked along the rows of seats to the wedding location. She had much appreciation for her siblings, as she honored them with a message after the wedding. Kitty’s sibling Amelia Spencer sported a stunning bridesmaid dress. All the attention, however, has been on her beautiful engagement ring.

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