Remount Settings to Use for Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

Are you searching for a setting to have your diamond ring remounted? If yes, there are several options out there. You have various ways to incorporate your engagement ring into a different one for your anniversary or save the original piece. Whether you need a fresh design or a setting similar to the original one, you can get one that will work for almost every remount situation.

Why Mount Your Ring Again

A good way to keep a special diamond ring is to have it remounted. People do this for several reasons, including ring preservations and design customization. Some of the common reasons are as follows.


Your ring band and setting deteriorate over time. A worn engagement ring setting may make the mounted diamond loosen. A claw on the prong setting may sometimes break. Mounting the gemstone on the metal shank again can save your original jewelry piece.


Sometimes, people take an antique or vintage ring to a jewelry store for cleaning and adjustments. To preserve it, you may need to have your diamond remounted.

Merging Rings

Some individuals like to combine an heirloom ring with another one to make a unique piece.

Upgrade the Design

Numerous individuals want to upgrade the appearance of their ring or have their diamond reset on a ring with a design.

Things to Consider When Remounting

The size, shape and state of your centerpiece diamond will help you find out the finest mounting for the engagement ring. You can usually have the gemstone mounted in the original ring setting or the same style. In some situations, you could just modify the mounting while adding more gemstones. For instance, you can replace a bar ring setting with a claw setting. Talk to your jewelry retailer about the best choices for your piece.

Seek Expert Advice

Carefully look into every option, and discover a reputable retailer with experience in mounting your engagement ring style again. Remounting an anniversary or engagement jewelry can help preserve it. Talk to your jeweler in order to discover the ideal settings for that ring.

Besides, there are several helpful resources about remount settings available on the internet. You can choose settings online, but you may wish to consider working with a jeweler in your area to see the mounting possibilities and handle the process more closely.

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