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Diamond ring settings play a major role in the design of your beautiful engagement or wedding rings. In fact, it can either make or ruin the appeal of a ring. One of the most popular options amongst engagement and wedding rings are the pave diamond ring setting. Unlike most people think, the term ‘pave diamonds’ does not refer to a type or cut of diamonds. Actually, it is a type of setting in which the diamonds are set so close to each other on the band of the ring to resemble a sparkling circle around your finger. Note that the term ‘pave’ is French and it means ‘pavement’ in English.

The Pave Diamond Ring Setting

In the pave setting, the diamonds are secured in the tiny grooves crafted on the ring band. Additionally, the gemstones are held in place by means of tiny prongs for extra security. Usually, this setting is used in eternity bands, wedding bands, and stackable rings that feature a row of tightly packed tiny diamonds. Traditionally, tiny round brilliant diamonds are used for pave setting since it offers the best sparkle when set this way.

Besides, make sure to buy round brilliant diamonds from the reputable diamond dealers to avoid getting scammed or ripped off. Plus, pave set diamond rings are relatively challenging to resize or repair in the future. Shopping from top diamond dealers will help you with this issue as well.

Types of Pave Setting

There are mainly three types of pave diamond ring setting; petite pave, micro pave, and pave. The former options feature smaller prongs when compared to the latter. On a related note, micro prongs are even smaller in comparison to petite prongs. Note that the micro-pave setting will be the right option if you want to create a seamless circle of sparkle around your finger. Usually, diamonds of 0.01 to 0.02-carat weight are set using this setting.

In case your diamond ring design features smaller diamonds but you prefer to show a glint of lustrous metal setting, the petite pave setting will be a good option. Diamonds of carat weight up to 1 carat are ideal to set this way. When it comes to pave setting, it features comparatively visible standard prongs and such ring designs tend to mimic a brilliant cobblestone appeal. This will be ideal to set relatively bigger accent stones.

The Pros of Pave Diamond Ring Setting

  • Offers a stylish and streamlined appeal to your diamond engagement rings.
  • Ideal to accentuate the beauty and sparkle of the center stone in an engagement ring.
  • Spruce up the overall sparkle of dainty diamond ring bands.
  • Pave-set halo design is perfect to illuminate the center stone to the fullest.
  • Offers tiers of diamonds without compromising on its appeal of bulking up a particular region or designs.

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