Everything You Need To Know About Resizing Your Ring

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It might become necessary for you to resize your ring in certain circumstances. Sometimes, your ring might become too tight or too loose, which can make it difficult for you to wear it. In such situations, you will have to resize your ring for wearing it comfortably again. In some situations, you might need to permanently resize it, but in some other cases, a temporary resizing might suffice you.

For instance, you can get a ring with the wrong size, especially when you buy it from online diamond stores. In this situation, you might need to permanently resize it. But if your ring became loose just because you lost a few pounds of your body weight, then it can be a temporary change. Therefore, a temporary resizing is enough for you in this case. Hence, you have to be aware of different types of resizing for knowing which option is suitable for your situation.

How Your Ring Is Supposed To Fit?

For knowing whether you need resizing, first, you have to be aware of how your ring is supposed to fit. It should fit snugly and comfortably on your finger. It should not be too tight or too loose. You should be able to slide on your ring easily, but have to pull a little to get it off. If the ring is tight, you should size it up and if the ring is loose, you should size it down.

How Much Larger (Or Smaller) A Ring Can Be Resized?

It will be possible for you to increase or decrease the size of your ring up to two sizes. Resizing beyond this allowable limit might put too much stress on your ring and can break it.

How To Do A Permanent Resizing?

If you want to make the ring smaller, the jeweler will be able to cut out a piece from the band and then solder it back together. But if it has to be made larger, then the jeweler can stretch the metal. However, there is a limit to stretching the metal and if you want to increase the size beyond this level, then the jeweler will cut the band and add an extra piece of metal to it. Sizing up is more complicated than sizing down.

Temporary Resizing Options

There are different options for you if you want to temporarily resize your ring. You can add sizing beads or a spring insert inside your ring for making it smaller. Plastic guards are also available for you that can be inserted inside your ring for reducing its size.

If you find that your ring is too tight and or too loose, you might have to take it to a jeweler for resizing it. Reputable diamond stores can help you to efficiently resize your ring based on your needs.

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