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Diamond engagement rings hold a deep meaning and significance when it comes to the lives of most couples out there. However, the significance of diamond engagement rings tends to change according to the cultures and lifestyle of the wearers. While a diamond engagement ring features the love and commitment between the couples, some rings are worn as a reminder of someone dear who has already passed on.  One of the perfect examples for a diamond ring that feature several symbolisms is the Celtic diamond rings.

Celtic diamond rings

Celtic diamond rings are one of the most popular Irish diamond ring designs. Note that there are different types of Celtic diamond ring designs and each style holds its own unique meaning. Since these diamond ring designs are way too unique and antique, you must be extremely vigilant while purchasing it from online diamond retailers. On a related note, many online diamond dealers tend to sell fake Celtic diamond rings since it is really hard to find the authentic ones and will be extremely expensive. In most cases, it will be really hard for an untrained eye to spot the difference. Even though the same thing applies to physical diamond stores, checking out the rings for real will be a brownie point here. Furthermore, there are mainly two types of Celtic diamond ring designs; Claddagh and Celtic Knot.

Claddagh diamond rings

A Claddagh diamond ring is a perfect choice for engagement since it symbolizes friendship, love, and royalty. Needless to mention, all these features are regarded as the foundation of a healthy relationship. This type of diamond ring is characterized by a unique design in which you can see two hands holding a crowned heart. Here, the hands, heart, and the crown represents friendship, love, and royalty respectively. Hence, a Claddagh diamond engagement ring that features a touching and impactful message will be a great choice to gift to your fiancée in order to mark your unique relationship.

Celtic knot diamond rings

Celtic knot diamond rings feature a simple yet meaningful design. As the name indicates, this type of diamond ring is characterized by a knot design, which symbolizes infinity and balance. The eternal knot in your ring is perfect to define your eternal love and commitment towards your better half. There are different types of Celtic knot designs such as standard, spiral, loop, etc. You may choose the one that defines your relationship or the personality and style of the wearer. One of the popular Celtic knot diamond engagement ring designs that are trending in the field these days is the trinity knot, which symbolizes never-ending friendship, fidelity, and love between the couples.

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