Diamond Shapes: Why It Matters?

Brilliant Diamond Ring
Brilliant Diamond Ring

One of the most distinguishable aspects of a gemstone that shimmers, like a diamond, is the shape of the cut diamond. Diamonds are cut in such a way to end up with a brilliant diamond ring, which has its character pinned to it. Diamond shapes are a representation of the different personalities and events. If you ask around for suggestions, the one name you will hear is the round cut diamond. In terms of elegance and beauty, these are second to none. It is closely followed by princess cuts.

Deciding The Shape For Cutting The Diamond Into

The single, number one priority of the gem cutter is to preserve the maximum carat weight of the diamond piece. Since there is no saying as to what shape the rough diamond comes in, the diamond cutter has to decide on what shape to choose from to have the maximum carat weight and value.

Round cut diamond is surprisingly the one shape that has the most wastage to it. The other shapes capture more of the rough diamond, as they are deep-seated, lengthy, and have a less orderly construct. The value of a particular shape is, in part, decided by the amount of wastage when cutting. The more the weightage, the greater is the price levied on the consumer. Some shapes preserve more of the rough diamond, hold more of the carat weight, and hence are priced lower. Another aspect that determines the price of a particular cut is popularity and availability.

The Famous Cuts And Most Popular Cuts 

The trend of new diamond cuts is ever-changing, but there are a few that have remained. There are close to 10 popular diamond shapes that are in demand nowadays:

  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • Princess
  • Cushion
  • Oval
  • Asscher
  • Radiant
  • Heart shape
  • Emerald

There are exotic shapes such as the baguette, trillion, rose, old mine, half-moon, bullets, and even horse head. Although many new shapes of diamond cuts are being discovered, the popular cuts have always stood the test of time. The cut that best suits your style entirely depends on your personal preferences. In addition to this, another aspect to consider is the budget you have set and the actual cost of the rock you have set your eyes on. Round diamond cut is by far the most costly of the cuts, and if you have spare change then by all means buy one. With that, you should be able to choose the right beautiful diamond engagement ring to slip onto her finger.

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