Cushion Cut Diamonds Vs Emerald Cut Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most expensive and rare substances and it comes in so many different shapes, sizes, and designs. Cushion cut and emerald cut are two of the most popular designs available in the market. If a person is planning to purchase a diamond ring or any other jewelry, and if he or she is looking for a modern cut, an emerald or cushion cut would be the best choice. Some of the differences between these two designs of diamonds are as follows.


It is the biggest difference between an emerald cut and cushion cut diamond. Emerald diamonds are made using step cut style with three rows of steps below and above the stone. This will make the facets parallel to each other and also result in the formation of a clean look. The facets that are arranged in parallel and symmetric formation will make a distinct reflection and also a mirror like effect. However, these diamonds will not offer a sparkling look but a soft and elegant glow.

Cushion cuts are one of the antique styles that emerged during the 1700s. It is a diamond that comes under the category of brilliant cut diamonds because of its large number of facets. A traditional cushion cut diamond comes in square or rectangle shape with curved edges and a high crown. The deep pavilion and numerous facets of this stone will result in the formation of a star like appearance.


Emerald cut diamonds are one of the most unique and rarest diamonds available in the market. These stones cover only 3 percent of the total diamonds around the world. They are also available in different shapes and sizes and the stones with more carat weight are more popular in this design. It is also available in both square and rectangular shapes.

Cushion cut diamonds are more popular than emerald cut diamonds. It is opted by many people due to its large number of facets and sparkling design. It is sometimes used as a substitute for round cut diamonds because of its curved corners. However, this type of diamonds constitutes only 12 percent of the total diamond market.


The price of a diamond depends on many different factors like its quality, size, weight, etc. The price of the stone also differs depending on the cut or design. Emerald cut diamonds are one of the cheapest diamonds available in the market. This is not because of its poor quality but because of the easiness in its making process. In addition to that, only a small portion of the stone will be wasted while making emerald cut diamonds and it also leads to a price reduction.

On the other hand, cushion cut diamonds are highly expensive because of so many reasons. It is a diamond with a large number of facets and a wide crown which gives it a good sparkling texture. It is the first cause of its high price. The complexity in its manufacturing and a large amount of wastage during its cutting are also reasons for its huge cost.

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The clarity of a stone is one of the basic factors considered while buying a diamond. Basically, clarity grading is the process of differentiating diamonds depending on the number of internal and external flaws of the stone. While choosing one between emerald cut and cushion cut diamond, it is necessary to check clarity grade.

Since emerald diamonds are made with step cut style, it appears more clean than cushion cut diamonds. This will result in exhibiting all the internal and external flaws of the stone. Therefore, it is better to choose one with high clarity grades while choosing an emerald cut diamond. However, if you are looking for a cushion cut diamond, low clarity grading will not have much effect because its large number of facets will mask all its minor imperfections.


As we all know diamonds are available in different colors and each color has its own significance. But the color of a diamond will become attractive only when it is combined with perfect design. The color of a diamond varies from mild shade to deep shade and the price of the stone will be higher when the color of the stone becomes pure.

While choosing a cushion cut colored diamond, it is necessary to select one with a deep shade because the mild color will become ineffective due to its design. Since the design is cleaner in an emerald cut diamond, it will exhibit the color of the stone more attractively, even if it is of lower grade. This makes the emerald cut more appropriate for colored diamonds.

Criteria Emerald Cut Cushion Cut
Cut Step Cut Brilliant Cut
Price Low High
Availability Low High
Clarity High Low
Color High low

Emerald cuts and cushion cuts are elegant designs of diamonds. If you are looking for a diamond at low price and with modern look, it is better to choose an emerald cut and if you need a stone with a combination of modern and traditional design, cushion cut can be the best choice.

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