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Rose gold is a popular material used in jewelry making. It is also an alloy like other precious metals used for the same purpose. This means that gold is mixed in appropriate proportions with other metals to make rose gold, which is a strong metal that has more durability. Besides, it is important to be strong as it holds precious gemstones and diamonds. The 14k rose gold might be less pure in comparison to the 18k rose gold, but is stronger and has a preferred color than the latter. Below is a discussion on the two types of rose gold and their color differences.

14k Rose Gold

Rose gold is commonly pictured as pink colored gold. The rose-colored hues are considered to be a sign of romance and that is why it is preferred by couples. The pink color is a result of the alloy mix. The mixing of gold, copper and other precious metals like silver will make the yellow gold turns pink in color. By definition, 14k rose gold has 58.5% pure gold. As the amount of copper increases, the brighter shade appears which is also loved by the customers. Further, the 14k rose gold is more resistant to wear and is tougher. Note that rose gold requires the same level of professional care as any other precious metal during the annual round of clean up.

18k Rose Gold

It is natural to think that 18k rose gold is more pink in color, but this is a wrong assumption. In fact, the difference in color is more due to the presence of yellowish color in 18k when compared to the 14k rose gold. When you think about where to buy rose gold engagement rings, remember that the 18k rose gold contains a higher amount of gold. Therefore, it is costlier than the 14k rose gold. In spite of the increase in price and the larger amount of gold, more people prefer 18k rose gold.

While selecting the ring metal, it is necessary to have an understanding of the color difference between the varieties 14k and 18k rose gold. If you are looking for a more pink shade, 14k is the way to go, while if you are looking for the presence of more gold color, 18k is the right choice. Rose gold is a precious metal regardless of the choice you make.

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