A Brief Guide On The Yellow Diamond And Its Features

Fancy Colored Diamonds
Fancy Colored Diamonds

When you walk into a diamond store, the first thing you will notice is that almost all the diamonds they showcase are colorless. When someone says diamond, everyone thinks of colorless diamonds, but the fact is not all diamonds are colorless. Colored diamonds are obtained from nature and they are called fancy colored diamonds. Fancy-colored diamonds are quite rare and some available colors are red, blue, green, yellow, brown, etc. Of these fancy colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are easier to find and are affordable compared to other colored diamonds. So in this article, we are discussing yellow diamonds and their features.

About Yellow Diamond

The yellow color is obtained by the presence of nitrogen during the formation of the diamond’s crystal structure. Most of you may know that diamonds are pure carbon. But when nitrogen is present during the formation of a diamond, nitrogen replaces some carbon atoms. The nitrogen present in the crystal structure will make the crystal absorb blue light and emit yellow light.

The Color Grading Of Yellow Diamond

Colorless diamonds are graded using color grades from D to Z. Grade D is provided for colorless diamonds whereas the color or hue increases with the grade increasing to Z. Fancy colored diamonds have a different color grading system. Any fancy colored diamond including yellow diamond is color graded using the following grades- fancy vivid, fancy intense, fancy deep, fancy dark, fancy, fancy light. Unlike colorless diamonds, the price of colored diamonds increases with increasing color intensity. Note that if the color intensity is very strong, it is called a yellow canary diamond. Acquiring a yellow canary diamond ring can be difficult as they are incredibly expensive and rare to find.

Meaning And Popularity Of Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are a symbolic representation of prosperity, wisdom, passion, and joy. These properties make a yellow diamond perfect for couples who have extreme mutual love and commitment.

The first yellow diamond in history is the Eureka Diamond found in South Africa. The diamond was mined in the year 1867 and the diamond weighed 21.25 carats.

Some other famous yellow diamonds include the Red Cross Yellow Diamond, the Kimberley octahedral, the Tiffany Yellow diamond, the Sun of Africa, etc. The Red Cross Yellow Diamond weighed 375 carats when found and later it was cut to a cushion-shaped diamond weighing 205 carats. The facet of this diamond has a Maltese cross shape and is considered unique.

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