Why are Moissanite Engagement Rings an Excellent Alternative to Diamonds

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If you want to get an affordable yet high-quality substitute of diamond for your engagement, moissanite would be one of the best choices. There are several features, which make moissanite qualified for engagement rings. Below is a discussion on why moissanite diamonds are considered the best replacement for diamonds.

The Supreme Qualities of Moissanites

Moissanite is a naturally found silicon carbide, which was discovered by a French chemist named Henri Moissan in 1893. Since then, moissanite has been available for jewelry design. Apart from this, moissanite is also being synthetically manufactured, making it conflict-free and sustainable.

Moissanite has a hardness value that is nearly as high as the diamonds itself. Therefore, it can easily withstand the wear and tear that it may undergo in course of its lifetime. Thus, it easily surpasses cubic zirconia in terms of hardness. Furthermore, the sparkle offered by moissanite is quite exceptional. It displays a brilliance that is comparable to that of several expensive diamonds.

Moissanite is clearly a better alternative than cubic zirconia as you may have read on many online diamond reviews. Even though you may have to pay a little more for it than the latter, it is totally worth the extra money. It offers good durability and higher range of sparkle. Sometimes, it gets difficult to say the difference between cubic zirconia and moissanite. It is advised to observe them under a burst of bright sunshine from a tilted angle. This will show you that moissanite displays a little more brilliance than the cubic zirconia.

A moissanite gemstone can be used as the center stone for different engagement ring styles. This includes bypass twist, vintage style, and the halo. Besides, the gemstone can be cut in a variety of shapes too, such as princess, marquise, and emerald cuts. These types of diamond cuts are always put on sale by reputable diamond dealers online.

Note that moissanite are not graded for color as diamonds are. Classic moissanite is not completely colorless; instead, they display a color that is comparable to the K graded diamonds. However, just like diamonds, smaller moissanite gemstones appear more colorless. What’s more, they emit a greenish or yellowish hue under specific light conditions. All these amazing properties make moissanites a very good alternative to cheap diamond engagement rings.

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