Whether To Choose A High Setting Or A Low Setting For Your Ring?

Online Diamond Dealers
Online Diamond Dealers

When you are shopping for diamond rings, you can see a large number of ring designs and settings, especially, when you are looking to buy a ring from online diamond retailers. You might have noticed that for some rings, the diamond will be set high, whereas for some others it will be set low. They are known as a high setting and low setting respectively. Both of these settings are usually used for diamond rings and they have their own features and peculiarities. Therefore, we are listing some of the important information you want to know about both of these settings for helping you to choose the right design for you.

High Ring Setting

In a high setting, your center stone will be set high from your band using prongs. It can provide you a large number of benefits when compared to a low setting. Some of the important advantages and disadvantages of this setting are listed below.

Pros Of High Setting

  • A high setting will accentuate your center stone more, as it will be held high from the band of the ring. Therefore, your center stone will be able to catch others’ attention easily.
  • As the stone will be set high, more light will be allowed to enter the stone, thereby increasing its sparkle and brilliance.
  • Rings with stones set high will have an elegant look, especially when viewed from the side. Therefore, your ring will stand out amongst the others.
  • This setting is specifically suitable for bigger stones, which you would want to show off more.

Cons Of High Setting

  • As the stone is set high, it can be more vulnerable to damage.
  • It can snag on your clothes and other materials easily which can be uncomfortable for you at times.

Low Ring Setting

In a low setting, the stone will be mounted flush to the band. Therefore, it will not be protruding from the band of your ring, like in a high setting.

Pros Of Low Setting

  • It can provide more protection for your stone.
  • It is suitable for people with an active lifestyle.

Cons Of Low Setting

  • The stone might look smaller and the brilliance and sparkle if your diamond might be subdued.
  • Might have a dumpy look when viewed from the side.

High setting and low setting are two of the common settings that are used in diamond rings. You can get a large variety of these settings when you choose to buy your rings from online diamond dealers. Knowing the peculiarities of these designs will help you to choose a ring that suits your lifestyle and character.

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