When Not to Wear your Gleaming Diamond Engagement Rings

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The diamond engagement rings will be one of the most beautiful and expensive possessions that most people own. Almost every couple will be attached to their stunning diamond engagement rings both emotionally and financially. Hence, you must take proper care while wearing your diamond rings. Rather than the ways to safeguard your diamond rings as you wear it, it is better to learn about when not to wear your diamond engagement rings.

Note that couples will be extremely excited about their brand new ring and would love to show it off to everyone. So, they tend to wear their diamond rings to the places that they should not. Usually, most top diamond dealers tend to explain such things to their customers. Some of those instances that you must avoid wearing your gleaming baubles are given below. If you are concerned about the safety of your diamond rings, it is recommended to consider these points.

When Doing Adventurous Activities

Nowadays, most couples love to indulge in adventurous activities and live their life to the fullest. One of the best adventurous sports that most people are swooning over is skydiving. Wearing your diamond rings while skydiving or any other similar stunts pose the threat of losing your trinkets. Rather, you must never wear your diamond engagement rings while doing things that are potentially dangerous to your ornament.

Some people tend to take off their rings while playing rugby, but overlook the necessity of the ring while sightseeing in Grand Canyon or any other spots. In case you own an heirloom diamond ring, as the present keeper, it is your responsibility to safeguard it. Don’t get sloppy with your rings as time passes. Plus, avoid wearing it when you don’t feel like. After all, your diamond engagement rings signify your love and commitment towards your partner and losing it will be heartbreaking.

When your Rings Can Get Dirty

Losing your diamond rings is not the only threat you are likely to face as you wear it all the time. In case you wear it as you play with dirt or mud, you are ruining the appeal and longevity of your lustrous diamond ring. So it is highly recommended to take your diamond engagement rings off as you do such tasks. For instance, gardening or digging in the dirt.

Similarly, people who have a profession in which your diamond rings can become a dirt magnet can take it off as you leave for your job. This includes a landscaper, nurse, painter, etc. Note that the chances for the accidental spill of medicine are high in the medical field. Besides, you may accidentally injure the patients with the sharp points of your rings such as the prongs.

Before you are Prepared to Announce the Big News

Some people will be incredibly excited about their engagement and would love to shout the good news from the rooftops. However, some people will not be ready for this big step and would prefer to keep it as a secret until they are well-prepared.

In case you are one among such people who prefer to keep it low-key, the best way to achieve this objective is to take off your diamond engagement rings and keep it somewhere safe. Otherwise, people may easily notice and start bombarding questions on you making things uncomfortable. Plus, you are likely to blurt it out at times. So, play safe.

Before Sizing your Ring

In most cases, men used to surprise their better halves with a grand proposal. Hence, they tend to do choose a ring from any of the reputable diamond dealers keeping the interests, personality, and style of their partners in mind. Nevertheless, one of the main issues that may occur in this case is the wrong size of the ring. Needless to mention, you would be impatient to put that lustrous bauble on your finger and show it off to everyone. Sadly, some rings tend to turn your fingers purple. Out of your newly engagement bliss and excitement, never try to force your rings on your fingers in such cases.

Taking such steps can injure your finger and damage your valuable diamond ring. Additionally, you don’t want your first experience with your ring to be a painful one. The same thing is applicable in case of an oversized ring as well. In fact, wearing an oversized diamond engagement ring is even worse than the former case. You are likely to lose your brand new ring forever in this case. To avoid all such issues, it is better to wait patiently until your ring is perfectly sized to fit your finger.

When it is Inappropriate

Wearing your diamond engagement rings to certain places can get inappropriate or awkward, especially if you have not announced the engagement. For instance, flaunting your diamond rings while attending a function such as a wedding, baby shower, engagement, birthdays, anniversary, etc.

In such cases, you are likely to steal the thunder since almost every guest will be surrounding you asking about the ring and other details. Of course, this can make the star of the function furious and sad. Similarly, it is not ideal to put your diamond engagement ring while attending the death of a family member. Needless to mention, people talking about your engagement during a funeral will be extremely embarrassing and awkward.

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