What Are the Different Types of Diamond Cuts?

Buy Cut Diamonds
Buy Cut Diamonds

Diamonds are the masterpieces of nature and their never-ending sparkle continues to amuse us. A diamond cannot be added into your jewelry in its rough form. Instead, it has to undergo some processing steps before reaching the stores as a priced item. The most important factor that determines the value of a diamond is its cut and several types of diamond cuts are available.

A diamond cut is the shape of the stone and its style, which largely determines its brilliance. Before learning about the different types of diamond cuts, we should have a clear understanding of some of the terminologies in the diamond anatomy that are given below.

  • Facets- Diamond surfaces that can be polished.
  • Culet-Bottom facet which is usually invisible to the naked eye
  • Diameter-A diamond’s width while measuring through the girdle

The values of these parameters are different for different diamond cuts, which decide their varying brilliance and sparkle.

Types of Diamond Cuts

Diamond cutting is not an easy task, but one that requires a high level of expertise and focus. Diamonds are admired the most for their brilliance and the cut of the diamond decides it, which persuades people to buy diamonds in the first place. Below given are the different types of diamond cuts that you should have an understanding of when you are about to buy cut diamonds.

Princess Cut

It is one of the most popular cuts available in the market, and the diamond will have a rounded top and square cut. The pyramidal shape of the diamond increases the rate of light reflection by the diamond, which enhances the brilliance of the diamond. The unique features of the princess cut diamonds create an optical illusion that makes it look bigger than a round cut diamond.

Cushion Cut

A cushion cut diamond has a rectangular or square shape with rounded corners and curved sides. The resemblance of the outline of the diamond to that of a pillow gives the name cushion cut diamond to it. Inclusions are hidden well by the cushion cut diamond due to the greater rate of dispersion of light through it.

Asscher Cut

Asscher cut looks similar to the emerald cut, but they are not the same. The stone is characterized by its unique shape and rectangular-shaped facets.

Round Cut

The round cut has been popular since the 17th century, and it is a timeless diamond choice. When the question is about the most brilliant diamond, round cut diamond is the only answer. The versatility of the round cut diamonds makes it an option that suits almost all kinds of jewelry.

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