Tips To Retain The Sparkle Of Your Diamonds

Cleaning Diamonds
Cleaning Diamonds

What makes diamonds special is their natural sparkle that cannot be destroyed by any elements in nature. Heat and moisture cannot affect the eternal beauty of diamonds. But that doesn’t mean you can handle it any way you want and expect it to retain its original sparkle. Dirt and oil deposited on the stone with even the touch of a finger can have a significant negative impact on its visual appeal.

In this article, we discuss some tips to retain the sparkle of your diamonds.

Handle Diamonds Sparingly

Diamonds have a natural tendency to attract grease and keeping them clean is not that easy. While you handle diamonds, the oil from your fingers might get deposited on the diamond’s surface and affect its sparkle and fire. Therefore, handle the diamond sparingly especially when your fingers are greasy and dirty.

Clean The Diamonds On A Regular Basis

To clean your diamonds, soak it in a degreasing solution like water with a few drops of some mild dish soap. After you take the diamonds out of the cleansing solution, remove excess dirt if there is any using a clean toothbrush with soft bristles.

Clean The Diamonds Gently

The type of diamond settings used in the jewelry has to be given proper attention while cleaning diamonds. Diamonds held in place by older prongs or diamonds in a tension setting have to be scrubbed with extra care. Be gentle with your toothbrush and rinse the jewelry with water. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry the diamonds.

Never Use Harmful Cleaning Solutions

Never use chlorine bleach or abrasives like toothpaste or household cleaners to clean diamond jewelry. Chlorine can damage the metals used in the diamond jewelry and abrasives may cause scratches on gold and other metals used in the jewelry.

Be Careful While Using Ultrasonic Cleaners

An ultrasonic cleaner is used to remove encrusted dirt on diamonds. The ultrasonic device sends low frequency sound waves through a solution in which the diamonds to cleaned are placed. The vibrating fluid removes the dirt and grime accumulated on the diamonds. But the vibrations in the liquid may shake loosely set stones and chip the girdles of diamonds that are set next to each other. Therefore, you need to be careful while using ultrasonic cleaners.

Cleaning the facets of the diamond regularly will retain the sparkle of the diamonds. Handle your diamonds properly to avoid the chances of the stones falling off from the settings.

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