Tips To Buy Emerald Cut Diamonds Online

Best Online Diamond Stores
Best Online Diamond Stores

For the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of emerald cut diamonds. The main reason for this popularity is its strength, elegance, and modern look. Many Hollywood stars are seen wearing emerald-cut diamonds and this is also one of the reasons for its rise in popularity.

Emerald cut diamonds are often marketed as the diamonds that are for women with confidence. If you are planning on buying emerald cut diamond rings online, you need to know more about them.

Origin Of Emerald Cut Diamonds

According to historians, emerald cut diamonds originated in the 16th century. The cut originated when the stonecutters first started to cut emeralds in rectangular shapes. For preventing the breakage of emerald gems, stonecutters started to cut the stone in a step pattern. This gave it more stability. Later the diamonds also followed the same pattern of stepped facets, and now the cut is known as the emerald cut.

What To Look For When Buying Emerald Cut Diamond?

Since online diamond shopping became popular, many people started to buy diamond jewelry from online diamond stores. Make sure to choose the best online diamond stores to buy emerald cut diamonds because they will sell only high-quality diamonds.

When you buy an emerald cut diamond, you need to first decide the length-to-width ratio. It is the length-to-width ratio that determines whether the emerald cut diamond you buy is rectangle or square-shaped. Most expert gemologists recommend a ratio of 1.45 to 1.55 for emerald-cut diamonds.

Due to its long, open facets, emerald cut diamonds cannot conceal their imperfections effectively. Therefore, you need to buy a higher clarity diamond. Make sure that the emerald cut diamond you choose has perfect symmetry. When it comes to emerald cut diamonds there is no best color grade. You can choose whichever color grade that you find beautiful.

Best Setting For Emerald Cut Diamond

The most popular ring settings for emerald cut diamonds are solitaire and halo settings. The halo setting from the emerald cut diamonds creates a breathtaking vintage engagement ring look. Also, the halo setting ensures extra sparkle for the center emerald cut diamond.

Why Is Emerald Cut Diamond Is Expensive?

The main reason why emerald cut diamonds are very expensive to buy is that they are very rare and hard to find. Among all the diamonds in the world, emerald cut diamonds account for only 3%. If you want to buy a low-cost diamond, then an emerald cut diamond should not be your priority.

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