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For an uninitiated, purchasing a jewelry piece with a diamond can be an undertaking that comes with a few anxieties. Finding a trusted dealer is the initial step that you have to take in the shopping process. It is a crucial step for obvious reasons.

Thousands of vendors are available out there, and with the internet, access to them has not been as easier as it is now. When finding one of the jewelers to work with, you have to take a few steps to make sure you get the best deal possible when making a buy. Below is a look at the key things that you should look out for in order to spot good diamond dealers.

How is their Reputation?

The statement “One reaps what they sow” is true especially when it comes to jewelry business. The easiest and quickest way to find out the reputation of jewelers is to check dealership sites or online forums for client testimonials and customer reviews. Checking the previous experience of customers is one of the good ways to size up the service/s of a company. This goes for both local as well as online diamond dealers.

What Kind of Stones Do They Sell?

You can browse a dealer’s inventory to find out whether they handle quality diamonds. Some of the jewelers dealing exclusively diamonds might not sell decent products. In fact, they rely on customers to be educated inadequately about diamonds so that they can charge too high a price for an inferior diamond with an incorrect report. The only way for a layman to protect themselves from such diamond dealers is to ask for only the certificate issued by GIA or AGS. So if a jeweler deals solely with GIA graded or other certified diamonds, then it is a sign of the kind of high quality products they offer.

Are Their Prices for Diamonds Competitive?

The ideal way to find this is to make use of the exact specifications of the stone and ask around different diamond dealerships for their prices. A fine benchmark would be relying on the listed prices of many online diamond dealers or vendors. By comparing the info, you will be able to get a rough average as well as an idea regarding whether they are charging more than what it deserves.

Do They Provide Information about the Diamond Characteristics?

A good diamond dealer will seek to educate customers upon the 4 C’s of a diamond – clarity, carat weight, cut, and color. Of course, it is also a good thing to research on such topics before you start shopping. Ensure that the dealer or the company is willing to address your questions regarding these aspects, and if they cannot or will not, then move on to another vendor. If they cannot even get the basic service correct, then imagine what would occur if something was to go totally wrong or if you required their advice for a post-purchase service.

Do They Have a Certified Gemologist?

An expert in gemology will be able to provide detailed information upon everything that has to do with diamond, as well as what makes the stone unique. They are not salespeople, but qualified personnel who can handle diamonds in a knowledgeable way. You can even ask whether they are using the right tools while assessing the stone’s value.

What are the Product Return Policies?

Is the dealer willing to give a 100 percent refund guarantee in the event you change your mind inside the return period? If they are, then you will also want this in writing only in case any dispute arises. If they do not have such a policy, then industry experts recommend changing dealers. In addition, it would be a wise idea to seek an independent gemologist’s advice to assess the stone before purchasing it.

Do They Trade “Conflict-Free” Diamonds?

You will also want to ensure that diamond dealer trades solely with ethical diamonds. Sadly, conflict diamonds are in heavy circulation even today. It is suggested that you ask for proper diamond documentation as well as proof that the stone was imported fairly before making a buy. Blood diamonds mean those excavated in a region of armed conflict anywhere in the world, and one that is illicitly traded to finance such activities. It may also mean that the region as such abused labors. Any reputable diamond dealers online or offline would deal only with ethical products.

Do They Offer Lab Made Diamonds Too?

Lab created diamonds are the best alternatives to Earth mined stones because they feature the same optical, physical, and chemical qualities as that of the latter. These also cost way lower than naturally occurring diamonds, which allow you to buy great quality diamond rings at much affordable prices.

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