Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Loose Diamonds

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Loose diamonds are the end products of rough diamonds from the coal mines. They are ready to sale or ready to be mounted diamonds. Using loose diamonds, we can have our own unique settings instead of the preset ones. And it is also easy to examine these diamonds than preset diamonds. Buying loose diamonds is very common nowadays. There are some important things you need to follow while buying loose diamonds. Now let’s have a look at these important things.

Know the Certification

Diamond certification is an important thing you have to consider while purchasing loose diamonds. It is a proof showing that the diamond has gone through several evaluation processes by the authorized gemological laboratory. With this certificate, buyer can trust the claim of seller about the quality and characteristics of the diamond. These certifications retain the value of loose diamonds over the preset stones that are sold without certification. Also make sure that these certifications are from popular laboratories like GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL, HRD etc.

Understand 4Cs

4C grading ensures your diamond is worth the value. 4C’s stands for cut, clarity, color and carat. Cut represents the shape, symmetry and brilliance of a diamond. Clarity refers to inclusions or tiny imperfections in the diamond. Diamond color ranges from D to Z. i.e. from colorless to light yellow. Carat represents the weight of diamond. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. So before buying loose diamonds, understand and prioritize the factors which matters to you the most and purchase accordingly.

Size of the Diamond

While buying loose diamond, good quality and right size of the diamond need to be ensured. As there is a lack of quality, buying a bigger diamond  might not be a good idea. Smaller diamonds are easily available and usually possess good quality. Some people may focus on the size of diamonds rather than its quality and availability. So before buying diamonds, decide which factor is important for you and pick diamonds suitably.

Time Management

Are you going to buy loose diamonds to gift to your loved one? Then you have to plan well to manage the time efficiently. Always try to find a store which let you buy loose diamonds and create a piece of jewelry so that you can save time efficiently and have a fast delivery.

Help from Consultants

If you have no idea about 4Cs and are still confused about the quality and price of diamonds, then go for a second opinion and choose the right diamond for you.

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