Things to Always Know While Looking for Loose Diamonds Online

Find Loose Diamonds
Find Loose Diamonds

While searching for a diamond online, it can be seen that most of the high-quality diamonds are being sold loose, not set in rings. This is because you would have more choice while buying loose diamonds – you can find loose diamonds of exact shapes, size and quality you are looking for. This can make you set your diamond in your ring or jewelry design in the exact size you would want, and this is often regarded as a very rare chance when it comes to diamonds.

Nowadays, a thousand varieties of loose diamonds can be chosen from online stores, and you should be thankful to the jewelry specialists who are available online, who allows you to design rings for your engagement from the scratch. Finding a loose diamond not necessarily need to be a complicated process even though you would have a lot of choices to make. Here is a checklist while looking for large loose diamonds that would help you find the right piece of diamond for you.

Look for GIA or AGS Certification

It is never possible to look for loose diamonds not having a correct assessment of the quality of the diamond. In order to make sure that you know about what you are going to buy, it is very important to choose a certified diamond that has a grading report from the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGS) or Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Two of these laboratories are globally accepted non-profit institutions that mainly have a mission of protecting the diamond customers. While GIA is the world standard, AGS is the first one to introduce cut grading.

Grading by one of these institutions is considered to be impartial and it is been assumed by the market that grading done from other laboratories is less strict and accurate – you could not compare those diamonds to diamonds that have GIA reports.

Discount diamonds with other reports are seen to be selling, but most of its quality is uncertain. Most of the best diamond stores online would only sell diamonds that have GIA certification.

A diamond with the report number of grading engraved on the girdle is most recommended for customers as it makes customers identify and confirm about the grading report of the diamond.

Choose the Shape

As choosing the shape of the diamond is the first and foremost step in buying diamonds, it can be noted that round brilliant shape is the most chosen one. It offers a classic look to your engagement ring.

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