The Outstanding Black Diamonds

Engagement Ring Styles
Colored Diamond Facts

Diamonds are inevitable as far as an engagement ring is considered.  None other than a gemstone would do the task of making your loved one feel special.  Nothing more to say if it is a black bold fancy diamond ring. The bride will look just as beautiful as Jennifer Aniston blushing in the TV show Friends, when her boyfriend makes her feel special.  The fancy black which stands out of the light color metal covering will get your bride special feelings after getting engaged. These often paired with 14k white gold or sometimes platinum have become a new trend in the market.

Black Diamond: Color, Intensity And Shapes

All other types of diamonds, including white diamonds have a color grade. But in the case of a black diamond it is only available in a single color grade called fancy black. Their color intensity can only be varied when the gems are made black artificially. So while purchasing a black diamond, make sure that the diamond is saturated fully. There are also different shapes of the diamonds.  Round, cushion and pear are the available shapes of black diamonds. This choice of engagement ring styles depends on your taste. But make sure that you choose the right light colored metal while you make the purchase, for your diamond to stand out.

Black Diamond Ring Arrangement

For a black diamond, the engagement ring styles could be made endearing by adding colorless diamonds around it. The way in which these diamonds are arranged can make a difference. Mainly there are three types of setting in the market. The halo setting, side stone setting and the solitaire setting.  Little diamonds with no color or faint color can be arranged around the black diamond to make it more attractive. This arrangement is known as a halo setting. In side stone setting, your black diamond is ornate with two colorless diamonds on both sides, like your diamond got wings. The solitaire setting in which a single black diamond stands alone paired with light metals is also a simple and classy engagement ring style.

Genuinity of Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are just as genuine as any other colored or colorless diamonds. They have the similar chemical composition of the colorless diamonds. The difference lies in the number of components included.  These are also rare diamonds, in fact rarer than white diamonds or colorless diamonds. The demand for black diamond has been low in the past. But it seems to increase in the recent past which could be seen as a shift in the trend.

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