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Diamond certifications are important to determine the quality of the same. Registered gem labs conduct various tests on diamonds and issue certifications for the same. Each certificate or report is given a number and they are kept by the lab. Only a copy of the original certificate is sent to outside party along with the diamond. Laser inscriptions can also be seen on the outer edges of many certified diamonds. If a certificate is ever lost or stolen, inscriptions would prove the worth of the diamond. Diamond certifications are considered important for various reasons. Some of them are

Diamond Certifications Prove Quality

Diamond certifications have always offered unbiased opinions on the quality of diamonds, whether it is from an online diamond dealer or from a regular market store. Diamond certifications are provided by trusted institutes like GIA, which follow strict grading ethics. Certificates are also issued by jewelers, but they are not considered trustworthy.

Some gem labs have strict guidelines compared to other labs and they offer more trustworthy certifications. These labs will never compromise on the quality of the diamond and they accurately and honestly describe the quality of the same.

Diamond Certifications Proves it’s Genuine

People were afraid to buy diamonds from online diamond retailers, as they were concerned about getting a fake diamond. This is where diamond certifications come to play. Gem labs have access to testing equipment that are not available to jewelers. They use the equipment to test whether the diamonds are natural or not and these certificates can help prove that the diamonds are genuine.

Diamond Certification Levels the Playing Field

People use certifications to compare diamonds and they should make sure to get credible certifications to do so. Many buyers have great knowledge about certifications, while others are new to the field. The certifications are considered important as even a small difference in the grading of diamond can cause thousands of dollar difference in price.

Reasons to Choose a GIA Certificate

GIA Certificates Protects your Investment

At time of insuring a ring, GIA certificates will provide assurance about the quality of the ring to the insurance company. At the event of loss or theft, you’ll be able to receive the maximum insurance value specified in the insurance clause. Also at the time of sales, the certificate will help its seller to receive the best possible deal.

GIA is Credible

It is the most trusted certification in the whole world. GIA follows strict guidelines to grade the diamonds and they have technologies to ensure the quality of diamonds.

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