The Difference between Princess Cut and Other Square Shaped Diamonds

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Princess cut diamonds are one among the brilliant cut diamonds. They are also one of the most popular diamonds available today. They were developed back in the 1960s and are characterized by a square or a rectangular profile. They are usually the second most popular diamond cut after the round brilliant cut diamonds. Below is a comparison between the princess cut diamonds and other square-shaped diamonds that you need to remember before you select your diamond from the online diamond retailers.

Diamond Cuts Defined as Square Cuts

All the rectangular diamonds that appear to have four equal sides on observing from the top, are called square cut diamonds. Note that if the diamond jeweler tells you that the diamond has a length to width ratio of 1, it means the diamond is square cut.

Most of the rectangular cuts have square variations. The most sought-after square cuts are the Asscher cut, the emerald cut, the radiant cut , and the princess cut diamond.

Sometimes the cushion cut diamonds are also referred to as a square cut by some people, although these diamonds have rounded corners.

Princess Cut Vs. Radiant Cut

Contrary to the princess cut, the radiant cut diamonds do not have sharp corners. Instead, they are truncated in shape.

Radiant cut diamonds are made with slightly more depth than the princess cuts. Besides, they reflect light in a better way. The brilliance of these diamonds appears accentuated, while the princess cut displays a more linear light reflection property. The former retains more intensity of color than the latter. Color grades of not less than F, G, or H are recommended for radiant cut diamonds as you purchase from the best diamond retailers.

Princess Cut Vs. Emerald Cut And Asscher Cut

The emerald cut is a step cut. Therefore, it is not created to radiate brilliance. Besides, the Asscher cut diamonds are a square-shaped variant of the emerald cut diamonds.

The emerald cut diamond has a more linear style of the profile than the princess cut diamond. Therefore they display less brilliance and sparkle than the latter.

Princess Cut vs. Cushion Cut

The cushion cut diamonds are different from the princess cut diamonds due to their rounded corners. This gives it an appearance of a pillow. Note that there are several variants of cushion cut diamonds that have a similar level of brilliance as the princess cut diamonds.

While Choosing A Square Cut

Make sure you compare the diamond of your choice with the other shapes. Pay attention to the clarity, color, and the brilliance of the diamonds before you finalize your purchase.

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