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Finding your own ring for your sweetheart is pretty much what you would do when going about purchasing an engagement present. This ring speaks of many things, which is why you need to make sure it is the perfect item for her, in that it suits and fits her in a variety of ways. These days, there is also the option of going with a diamond concierge who can help you pick out the ring of her dreams. Following are some benefits of going down that route.


The markup on diamonds sold at a store would be very high, thanks to the much higher overhead. The store owner needs to take care of insurance, rent, ads, employees, displays, etc. With the minimal overhead a concierge guarantees though, the middle man gets cut out, and the customer gets some savings of their own. Bear in mind that these would be the same gemstones, diamonds, and rings sold by high-end brand retailers, but with much lower markup. In short, you more or less get to find the best site to buy diamonds online.


A diamond concierge is loyal to the customer above all others, and would be intent on making sure they got the best deal from the best place to buy diamonds online. There is no need to worry they would sell you a stone they are trying to offload from inventory, because chances are that such a stone would not meet your preferences. Diamond concierges can access wholesalers and cherry-pick gems from them, which is why you have a higher chance of settling on the finest one that your money can buy.

Network and Experience

The better diamond concierges have been doing this for a while now with a lot of the big names in the business. While some blogs can stuff you up with info on the 4 C’s and how they make some stones truly exceptional, that is pretty much it. It actually takes being able to access Ivy League jewelers who happen to design for the larger names if you want to go further than that, and sometimes even knowing the top wholesale sources of the best diamonds out there if you want to make sure her ring is truly one of a kind.


You need to get all the details right, starting from the certification type and covering the inclusions which are to be preferred over others. There are, for instance, diamond shapes which come with types of shadowing you need to steer clear of, and then there are treated stones, fracture-fills, etc that you need to know about. Some shapes are cheaper because they are not as desirable as others in the marketplace, and some times of the year are better when you want to get the best price on something.

Because you are headed for a purchase which is both important and significant, you cannot afford to hinge things on being a temporary expert. A diamond concierge is one person who will be available to consult on a lot of things including color, carat weight, shape, certification, clarity, and setting. At the very least, you can feel proud that you put enough thought into the ring that you got your sweetheart.


Subpar jewelry diamonds are very common in this day and age, which lends some credence to the saying “you get what you pay for”. Hand selected stones arrived at with the help of a diamond concierge, on the other hand, are the crème de la crème when it comes to nature’s most incredible substance. These stone possess more sparkle and character, and are invariably considered to be of a better make, which is definitely what your girlfriend deserves.

The Female Perspective

Your diamond concierge is likely to be in on the female jewelry psyche— which is how it works out most of the time — and you can get the right kind of perspective when checking out different engagement rings. Chances are he or she has already picked out hundreds of rings to match the tastes of different women around the globe, and has the kind of insights which could benefit you greatly in this area.

You would, of course, be providing inputs as to your fiancée’s lifestyle and preferences, but after that is done, you can have them work out the finer details and explain them to you. Some ring concierges even give out complimentary proposal consulting to go with that, and there are even those that find and get you travel perks if you are intent on a destination proposal. Moreover, every ring call is likely to be taken up personally.

These are just a few of the better benefits of choosing a ring concierge as your way of landing the right ring purchase. Just make sure that you give them all the info they need to figure out what works for your sweetheart.

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