Taking Care of your Engagement Ring

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You need to take good care of your engagement ring to ensure that it looks the best and remains a treasure that can be passed from generation to generation. Understanding how to clean, care, and store diamond engagement rings can help you keep it looking stunning for the life of the ring. The tips by online diamond dealers shared below can help you take good care of your diamond engagement ring.

When to Remove the Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Make sure to remove the diamond engagement ring while swimming, as the finger can temporarily shrink in cold water and the ring might fall off.
  • Take off the diamond ring before taking part in vigorous activities and sports that could involve very sharp or big blows and knocks.
  • Ensure that you remove the ring before applying heavy makeup, creams, or lotion to your hands, as these can result in excessive buildup that will dull the diamond.
  • Remove the diamond engagement ring before starting yard work or housecleaning, which can involve rough equipment and harsh chemicals.

Keeping Track of the Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Make a habit of placing the ring in the same place every time you remove the ring. This will help you to avoid misplacing the ring accidentally.
  • Do not remove or place your ring near vulnerable places like bathtubs or sinks, as it could be knocked off and lost very easily.
  • Always store the diamond engagement ring in a safe place, and without other things. This will help to prevent the jewelry from getting chipped or scratched by other items.

Maintaining the Diamond Engagement Ring

  • If possible, do not wear the diamond engagement ring daily. This will help avoid the oils in your hand coming in contact with the diamond and clouding it to decrease its sparkle.
  • Make sure to clean the ring at least once in a week to ensure the brilliance of the diamond.
  • Get the diamond ring inspected by an experienced and qualified jeweler, at least twice a year, to ensure that the setting is secure. Moreover, perform any repairs that are recommended by the jeweler right away.

Storing the Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Protection from theft and damage should be your primary concern while storing the engagement ring. So keep it in a safe or lockbox.
  • You need to line the jewelry boxes with soft cloth while storing the diamond engagement ring. For long-term storage, you need to wrap the ring in soft fabric and put it in a padded jewelry bag.
  • Never store diamond engagement rings with other jewelry, as it can result in scratches or nicks to the stone.

Insuring the Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Make sure to update the appraisal of the diamond engagement ring every few years. This will come handy in case you lost the ring.
  • Insure the ring against loss, theft, or accidental damages.

How to Clean Diamond Engagement Rings

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Many of us believe that wearing the engagement ring while washing hands is enough to keep the ring clean. However, the truth is that the soaps and other cleaners that are used to wash your hands could cloud the ring and make it look dull. So make sure to clean the ring periodically to maintain the brilliance of the diamond.

Home Cleaning

You can use a solution of mild detergent and water to clean your diamond engagement ring. If there is heavy dirt accumulation, you can use a soft bristled to loosen the dirt. To dry the ring after cleaning, use a lint free soft cloth.

You might also use a solution of ethyl alcohol and ammonia or some store bought jewelry cleaning solution to clean the diamond ring. Jewelry cleaning solutions can be ordered from the best online diamond store too.

Ammonia in diluted form can be really helpful in brightening yellow gold. However, it should not be used with fracture filled diamonds, as it can make the diamond appear discolored or cloudy.

Professional Cleaning

If your diamond engagement ring becomes overly dirty, it needs to be cleaned professionally. Most jewelers use steam and ultrasonic cleaners to clean diamond rings. If the ring has become extremely dirty, it can also be boiled in sulfuric acid to clean it. However, this is used as a last resort.

If the diamond in your engagement ring has any flaws like a crack or a fracture, you need to let the jeweler know about the same, as some of the professional cleaning methods can exacerbate the flaws.

If your engagement ring has various types of stones, you need to ensure that the cleaning method that you choose is suitable for all the stones. For instance, pearls are much softer and delicate than other stones and gems, and can get pitted or scratched very easily by harsh cleaning solutions that are recommended to clean diamonds.

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