Should You Really Buy a Diamond Online?

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The quality of a diamond varies from one to the next while you are buying it online. Each diamond will be unique which makes the process difficult. Here are some of the pros and cons you should know about buying a diamond online.

General Advice

Do Not Buy a Diamond without Getting the Help of an Expert

The beauty of a diamond stone or ring comes from its overall sparkle and this factor is nearly impossible to be judged from just a certificate of the stone. Either the customer or his/her trusted agent should have to see the diamond in person and also utilize a very high-resolution 3D video to evaluate the diamond. There is no way that a first-time-buyer can evaluate diamond well. 

Evaluating a diamond is a skill. Paying an expert for this can help you so much as it avoids a lot of confusion that might occur to you during the stages of selecting a really good diamond. 

Though you see many varieties of deals from many top diamond dealers, a great deal is in how you select a stone correctly. 

The Choice of Buying a Diamond Online

Though being value-oriented when it comes to buying things online is reasonable, there might not be any such thing as a great deal for diamonds. 

Top Diamond Dealers usually buy diamonds from primary sources. Diamond cutters mostly rework on older diamonds to maximize the value of the stone. This is usually done on behalf of dealers or jewelers, and sometimes on their own too. Jewelers often buy diamonds from their customers over the counter and make money by holding the pieces for resale to other customers at a profitable amount or by simply flipping them.

People who are in the business of buying diamonds generally don’t have specific requirements. Their objective is to make money from customers when they are looking to buy a diamond.

You will have to remember that your objective differs a lot from a dealer’s objective. Your objective is not to make money but to purchase a good-quality diamond. 

Advantages of Getting a Diamond Online

1. You Can Get a Good Deal Online

Online dealers don’t have the same costs as normal diamond stores in the city. Online diamond retailers don’t have to bear the overhead costs of storefront rent, lighting, and employees to run the stores whether they have customers or not. 

While there are might not be any great deals while shopping a diamond online, online retailers and jewelers can offer low prices compared to a diamond store in the city. 

2. You Can See Magnified Videos of the Available Diamonds

Top diamond dealers and retailers provide 360 degree magnified videos of the diamonds they are selling. The improvements in the internet speeds and video compressions have helped customers with this during the past years. Even if you can’t see the diamond in person, it is the next best thing that can help you a lot while assessing the quality of the diamonds.

The videos allow you to see the imperfections in detail and thus it is better than what you see with your eyes while having a diamond in your hands. These videos can also give you an idea about the performance of the diamond and how it will look and sparkle on your big day.

3. You Can Choose from Thousands of Other Diamonds

The collection of the diamond stores will be very limited when it comes to the number of diamonds they have on hand. This is when an online retailer can help you more than you think – they will be having thousands of diamonds that lets you choose the best one for your style and budget. 

Online diamond stores are good choices if you are looking for diamonds with fancy cuts. The normal diamond stores might not have enough fancy shapes that can give you a grand selection. Online retailers can provide you with more different shapes like a marquise. 

Recommendations on Buying a Diamond

Do not focus on getting a great deal while buying diamonds online. Instead, focus on the value and cut which are the primary drivers of the value of a diamond.

If you’re buying a diamond online, browse and go through some recommendations online. Do not skip the four-part guide to the four Cs – color, cut, clarity and carat. 

Do not try to make or save money while choosing a diamond as long as you are not a diamond dealer. Buying a beautiful stone is a long-term investment. So instead of going for the best deal that is available, go for a deal that is right for you.

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