Secrets of Royal Family Engagement Rings

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Top brands in the world and bespoke designers long for a moment to get the royal family to wear their merchandise. It is also a well known fact that our celebrities love to adorn sparkling diamond jewelry to every event and occasion they attend. When we talk about the royal wedding, the Royal family weddings are celebrated all over the world. The glory of design and style of their engagement rings are most talked about, while everyone tries to replicate this pattern into their wedding rings. These rings are made with utmost craftsmanship and considered to be the most expensive piece of jewelry.

Let us get into the engagement ring secrets of some of our favorite princesses ever known.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s classic 12-carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring is handed over to Kate Middleton, following her marriage to Prince William in 2012. The ring is estimated to be worth over £300,000. This ring was William’s idea of continuing his mother’s heritage and keeping her at the memory of such a huge event in his life. Adorned with 14 sparkling solitaire diamonds, this enchanting ring caused sensation during her time.

She was a fashion icon at her time. Even her ring later went on to create a huge trend in gemstone engagement rings. It was brought back again during Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William in 2010.

Megan Markle

According to the sources, they claim it took six months to craft Meghan’s engagement ring.

A ravishing diamond trilogy design that shows off a large centre stone with two smaller diamonds to the sides. We speculate the estimation of the ring’s worth at £150K-£200K.

Prince Harry has chosen the design with a meaning which surfaces trilogy shape that creates flawless sparkle, and represents the past, present and future. It is set in yellow gold, a classic metal, which is Meghan’s favorite color.

Wallis Simpson

Yet another staggering gemstone engagement ring, 19.77 carat emerald piece crafted romantically by Edward with words engraved, ‘We are ours now 27 x 36’, inscribed on the inside of the band.

Princess Margaret

It was designed by Anthony Armstrong-Jones, her fiancé. It was made to look like a rose bud. These rubies were popular for their sparkling beauty and strength, making them an ideal gemstone for engagement rings. Their rich and vibrant color equates to royalty and passion.

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