Round Vs Princess Cut Diamonds: Which Is The Better Option For You?

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Best Diamond Seller

Round cut and princess cut are the most popular choices among people who are looking for brilliant diamonds for their jewelry. These diamonds have a lot of common features but they have some distinct characteristics that set them apart. Hence, you have to know them for choosing the right option for you. Here, we compare different aspects of the princess and round diamonds for your knowledge.

Round Cut Vs Princess Cut: Popularity

Round diamond cut is the most popular diamond shape among people because of its stunning shape and spectacular brilliance. This shape was in existence since the 17th century and over the years more symmetry and precision were brought to this shape with the advancements in technology. You can get round diamonds in a wide range of carat weights and quality grades from the best diamond sellers. This can be beneficial for you to find jewelry that can perfectly fit your budget and requirements.

Princess cut diamonds are second in popularity after the round brilliant diamonds. They also exhibit excellent brilliance and their square shape attracts a lot of people. They are available in rectangular shapes too. This is the popular choice among people who want a change from the traditional round diamonds but still need the sparkle exhibited by them.

Round Cut Vs Princess Cut: Brilliance

Round cut and princess cut have great brilliance when compared to other diamond cuts. However, the brilliance created by round diamonds is slightly higher than princess diamonds. Round diamonds reflect about 90% of the light entering the stone, whereas, princess diamonds reflect 70%.

Both these diamonds have 58 facets that allow them to reflect most of the light entering the stone.

Round Cut Vs Princess Cut: Price

Round cuts are the most expensive diamonds in comparison with other shapes. There is a couple of reasons for the higher price associated with round diamonds.

Almost half of the rough stone will be lost when cutting a round diamond. So more raw material is needed for cutting a round stone in comparison with princess diamonds.

Also, round diamonds have the highest demand among all diamond shapes, hence, they have higher market value.

Princess cut diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds. So they can be a great option for you if you are on a budget. Also, you can get a bigger princess stone because of the price difference. Reputable diamond stores will allow you to compare princess stones and round diamonds of the same carat weight for knowing which is the best choice for you.

However, princess cut diamonds have sharp edges, so the possibility of them snagging on other materials is high. Additionally, they are also prone to chipping. Hence, they may not be suitable for people who works a lot with their hands.

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