Reasons To Get Engaged In The Holiday Season

Places To Buy Diamond Rings
Places To Buy Diamond Rings

The holiday season is here, so you might be getting ready to propose marriage to someone. Many people pop the question this time of the year, and for good reason. December 31, Christmas, and New Year are among the best known days to be engaged. Read on to discover why you might end up seeking places to buy diamond rings or other such jewelry items over the holiday months.

A Romantic Season

You may find the wintertime to be a more romantic period than the other seasons due to the snow that falls and the glow of your fireplace. The snow twinkling from your holiday lighting and the smell of your Christmas tree at home may make it the best environment for an engagement.

Family Gathering

Becoming engaged is among the most special moments in life that you may want to share with your loved ones. However, if your loved ones are situated all over America, you could find it hard to be together and celebrate the occasion. Therefore, you may want to propose marriage in the season so that you can include your friends and relatives.

Time From Work

Couples wish to spend maximum time together after they get engaged. It would usually be tricky if both romantic partners are full-time employees. Almost everyone finds time off in or around the holiday period. This will offer them some more days to be together.


It is common for couples to make their engagement Instagram official. It means the practice of sharing the photograph that captures the proposal moment on Instagram. Most people do it with photographs that offer a glimpse of or a close-up view of their engagement rings. When a celebrity does it, there is usually speculation in the media about what form of engagement ring they are wearing.

If you are a traditionalist, you may also do a printed album so that you can look back at it as a happy memory. Associating the holiday period with your Instagram and traditional engagement activities will only make it appear more magical.

You Can Get Great Deals On Jewelry

As per the Knot, about 40% of engagements happen between November and February. With an increase in the engagement count, there will most likely be more demand for pieces of jewelry, such as diamond rings. Early customers can have many deals that keep them quite busy with the process of shopping around for jewelry, especially from the best online diamond rings sites.

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