Most Effective Tips for Buying Fancy Cut Diamonds

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Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy cut diamonds are in most demands that no other time in the past as they are bought to be gifted for others. Considering the great demand for these diamonds, a wide array of choices is made available to the buyers of varied tastes and specialties. Rather than merely cross-checking the 4Cs of a standard diamond, there are lot more factors to be considered. The below-discussed tips will prove to be useful when buying fancy cut diamonds.

Fancy cuts, whose characteristics and its uniqueness described here includes the Pear-cut, Triangular cut, Oval cut, Heart-shaped, Square cut and Marquise cut diamonds.


The preferred length-to-width ratio will be somewhere around 1.5 to 1.75:1, although these diamond cuts come in a wide range of proportions. When purchasing them, the color concentration and point of inclusion must be examined. Symmetry must be displayed on the wings of the diamond. A perfect pear cut diamond will have a bow tie, like the oval and marquise.

Triangular Cut

These shallow diamonds are created in a special way such that even the minutest inclusions will be visible to the naked eyes. An idle triangular cut diamond will have 1:00:1 proportion of length-to-width. You may also remember that these diamonds will be safest in a protective prong setting, otherwise, they will be prone to chipping.

Oval Cut

These versatile diamonds can be used in any multi-stoned ring. So it is up to the customer to decide which sized oval diamond need to be purchased. However, an ideal oval cut diamond will be in the length-to-width ratio of 1.33 to 1.66:1. These diamonds also show a ‘bow-tie’. At times, you may find a triangular darker spot at the center. Therefore to pick out a brighter stone, you may go for a diamond with least ‘bow-tie’.

Heart Shaped

Without any doubt, the heart-shaped diamonds are those fancy cuts, in which the symmetry is most important. There have to be two exact halves of diamond along with their distinct clefts. Moreover, the lobes have to be curved to the cleft. The optimal length to width proportion is somewhere around 1.00:1.

Square Cut

The list of the square cut diamonds comprises of Asscher cut, princess cut, cushion cut, quadrillion, and radiant cut. The most significant condition to be qualified as a perfect square cut diamond is that all of its sides should be parallel for this celebrity diamond ring pattern.

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut diamond should not be long, considering its durability. The safest proportion for the cut would be of 1.75 to 2.25:1. Additionally, the pointed inclusions must be examined so as to avert the ‘bow-tie’ effect.

Above these distinctive tips for each of these fancy diamond cuts, it would always clever to buy them in daylight to avoid getting fooled in another artificial lighting even in reputable diamond stores.

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