Latest Diamond Jewelry Trends

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Diamond Jewelry Trends

As technology advances, there are several changes brought about in the diamond industry. These are meant to make the diamond jewelry more attractive. Besides, they also aim to make things convenient for the users. Below are some of the latest trends found in the diamond industry.

Tri-Stone Rings

This is the design in which the diamond rings are composed of diamonds with two smaller ones on either flank. This design was first made very popular by The Duchess of Sussex’s engagement ring. This ring consists of a center diamond brought from Botswana. The diamonds on both sides are obtained from the collections of late Princess Diana. There are different variations of this type of diamond ring. For instance, the central diamond is colored and the ones on the sides are white diamonds. Further, there are designs where the central diamonds are natural while the flank diamonds are lab-grown. This reduces the cost of the ring while staying true to the design. There are many more designs to make your three-stone diamond ring more personalized.

Large & Long Earrings

This design gained popularity in the previous year but is still among the most demanded designs. This includes those earrings that make a stylish, bold statement. There are several styles within this such as shoulder-grazing chandeliers, large mismatched styles, huge hoops, or long earrings. This design gives plenty of freedom to create a new design for jewelry designers. You may be able to find them from the best site to buy diamonds online

Pinky Rings

This is yet another style which has a high demand and popularity. These are great designs because of their versatility. Besides, they match both men and women. They are also a good choice for the anti-engagement’ rings. Many designs are offered within this category. They have a timeless appeal and they are said to stay for a long period.

Fancy and Unique Shapes

Since diamond cutting technologies are becoming more complicated ad better, the designers are getting more creative. Several new shapes are appearing in the market causing shifts in demand. The round brilliant remains a classic favorite among masses, while fancy shaped diamonds are also getting more people due to their different and unique appearances. For instance, the half-moon shape, and the pointed shapes are among some of the new designs that have hit the market in style.

Consider the above designs when you are looking for something new among diamond jewelry.

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