Is Getting Spread Diamonds The Best Way To Enlarge Your Engagement Ring?

Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring
Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

If you are planning on getting a beautiful diamond engagement ring for the missus-to-be, then getting a ‘big’ diamond would have come to your mind.

The diamond spread is nothing but the table size of the diamond when it is viewed from the top. It is the largest that the diamond appears to be. If two diamonds both of 10 carats are there, then the one with the larger spread will look distinctly larger than the one with the narrower spread.

What one needs to be careful of is that the spread of the diamond needs to be in the ideal range. You need to get a stone that has optimal sparkle, without having to sacrifice heavily on the scintillation and brilliance. Your brilliant cut diamond ring shouldn’t seem dull, should it?

Spread Diamonds

The diamond wherein they are spread and they are at a loss of depth-meaning that they are no longer in the ideal range. This may seem good, as the diamond look bigger and take more space of your finger. However, there is a serious compromise made to the brilliance-the stone may look duller compared to a diamond of the same carat weight that is not spread.

Remember that the light performance of the diamond is dependent on a range of factors. The light passes around and refracts through the various facets, and that is how the utter beauty of the diamond is brought out. A shallower depth means that there are fewer facets or facets that aren’t angled in the right manner so as to bounce light around optimally. This means that there is less sparkle than there ought to be.

How To Decide On The Right Amount Of Sparkle For You?

Every diamond is different. This is why you may need an expert pair of eyes to be able to judge for sure. There are some experts who can interpret the measurements and advice on what is needed so as to maintain the critical spread vs. brilliance levels.

Most of the gem and jewelry stores that you visit will have an on-site gemologist to assist you. They will better help you to decide what the right fit for you is. However, irrespective of which expert you are visiting, it doesn’t hurt if you are well informed and have researched. This way you can make a better informed, conscious decision that is driven not only by emotion but by logic as well.

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