Ideal Settings for Baguette Diamond Rings

Baguette Ring
Diamond Ring Settings

Baguette is one of the attractive diamond ring cuts, which is mainly characterized by its slender and elongated appeal. Baguette stones are especially made unique by its 14 step cut facets and long tables. As a result of this distinct cut, baguette diamonds tend to exhibit a mirror-like reflection. No wonder, baguette stones are commonly used as diamond accents.

It is to be noted that the less brilliant and slender appeal of baguettes will support any diamond shape without distracting the attention of people from the main gemstone. That is why, people who desire for extraordinary and unconventional diamond ring styles tend to gravitate towards baguette diamond ring designs.

You can beautify the appeal of a baguette ring by choosing its settings strategically. Some of the ideal options that you may consider for setting your baguettes are given below.

Channel Diamond Ring Setting

As mentioned, baguette stones are commonly used as accents because of their unique silhouette and appeal. Hence, one of the best diamond ring setting options that you may consider here is the channel setting. In this setting, tiny baguette stones are aesthetically inserted into the channel created on the metal band of the ring. This will create an illusion of sparkling circle around your finger.

In order to take the overall appeal of your channel set baguette diamond ring to the next level, you can add a brilliant center diamond as well to the setting. This type of diamond rings will be ideal to complement the busy lifestyle of all the millennial couples out there.

Three Stone Diamond Ring Setting

Another popular option for setting baguette stones is the three stone diamond ring style. Here, you can choose a brilliant diamond at the center and flank it with an elongated baguette accent on each side. Otherwise, you may choose all three baguette diamonds.

This type of diamond ring setting will be perfect for all the brides who crave for unique and classic diamond ring styles. Furthermore, three stone baguette diamond ring setting will be your way to go if you are looking for a sparkler that symbolizes your relationship to the best.

Solitaire Diamond Ring Setting

Even though baguettes are commonly used as diamond accents, a decent-sized baguette diamond will be perfect to use as the main gemstone of your ring. In fact, the unique and stunning appeal of a solitaire baguette ring will surely make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Here, you can either consider four or six prong setting according to the size of your diamond. However, the former will be ideal to accentuate the shape as well as the sparkle of your stone. Note that a baguette solitaire diamond ring will be the perfect choice for all the brides who adore luxurious and striking diamond ring designs.

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