How to Select the Right Diamond Shape for You?

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When you go for diamond ring shopping, you can spot a variety of shapes that are unique and elegant. There will be enormous options available that can make you get overwhelmed by their brilliance and beauty. It can be a confusing process to select a diamond shape that is perfect from this wide range of options. Hence, we provide a guideline about different diamond shapes in detail for helping you to choose the stone with the right shape that suits you.

Even if you are not able to get the shape you desire from a jewelry store, you don’t have to get disappointed, as there will be all the option available from online diamond stores. There are a large number of top diamond retailers that sell diamonds online, and they will give you great range of options where you can find any diamond shape you want.


This is the most traditional and classic option available for you. It is also the most sought out shape for engagement rings and wedding bands. Round brilliant diamonds exhibit the maximum brilliance and sparkle which are the most desired characteristics in diamonds.

This is a great choice for those who want a timeless and versatile diamond shape for their ring. Also, if you want your ring to be bright and shiny, then a round diamond is your ideal choice.


This is the second most popular shape in diamonds, after the round. Even though inferior to round, it also showcases a great sparkle. It has a square shape with an array of intricate facets.

For these diamonds, the sparkle will increase with the number of facets, i.e., more facets will give more sparkle. This added sparkle can be helpful to hide the flaws in the diamond. Also, this shape is one of the least expensive shapes in diamonds to create.


These rectangular-shaped diamonds have long and lean facets that are extending down the side. It is a great example of a step-cut diamond. This shape shows off the stone’s clarity more than other shapes. Even though it has less sparkle when compared to the above shapes, the cool and stunning elegance it has will compensate for this problem.


These diamonds also have a rectangular shape which is rounded at the corners. They got their particular name from this pillow-like cut. Cushion diamonds will have larger facets for boosting brilliance.


This cut is almost identical to an emerald cut, except that it has a square shape. It is the best option for people who want a dramatic and striking look. This shape has a thick and chunky appearance and is popular among people who love antique or vintage jewelry designs.


Oval diamonds are famous for their remarkable brilliance. It has an elongated shape and makes it a great choice for people with small hands and shorter fingers, as its particular shape will make the fingers look bigger.

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