How To Get The Best Princess-Cut Diamond Ring

Best Diamond Retailers
Best Diamond Retailers

If you are looking for a diamond that comes with great brilliance and sparkle, but want to go for a less conventional option, then princess-cut diamonds can be suitable for you. It is one of the commonly preferred options by people who want a shiny diamond but prefer something modern when compared to the traditional look created by round brilliants.

A princess-cut diamond comes with a square shape where the corners will be pointed and sharp. Therefore, it can be a unique option when compared to other square diamonds like cushion-cut and emerald-cut diamonds that come with rounded or cut corners. Princess diamonds can be a wonderful choice for millennial brides who want an edgy and contemporary look for their engagement rings. Hence, this diamond shape is now gaining huge popularity in the diamond industry.

Benefits Of Getting A Princess-Cut Diamond

You can get several appealing benefits by choosing princess diamonds over round brilliants. This diamond shape can look bigger than round diamonds, as it has more top surface area than round ones.

Additionally, princess-cut diamonds can be a modern alternative to round diamonds, hence, they can be a wonderful choice for you if you want a non-traditional option for your engagement ring.

Another benefit of getting a princess diamond is its lower price range when compared to round diamonds. Therefore, you can make your engagement ring more affordable by choosing these stones.

Also, you can find a wide range of ring designs that feature princess diamonds with the best diamond retailers, as this diamond shape is highly versatile and suits most ring settings.

How To Get The Best Princess Cut Diamond?

There are certain important things you have to notice to choose the best princess-cut diamond. Some of them include:

Shape: Princess diamonds come in both square and rectangular shapes. However, rectangular princess diamonds are less desirable. It is better to go for a square princess-cut diamond that comes with a length-to-width ratio that does not exceed 1:0.5:1.

Symmetry: The facets of a princess diamond should be symmetrical so that it can exhibit a wonderful brilliance. Diamonds with unsymmetrical facets may look dull and lifeless.

Scintillation: Make sure that your princess stone has a balanced contrast between light and dark patterns. It is better to avoid purchasing stones that are too light or too dark.

Avoid Pavilion Bulge: The pavilion should have a gentle slope from the girdle to the culet. If this slope is steep, it can lead to a pavilion bulge which can make the stone dark and add to the weight.

Also, make sure to find the best diamond seller when getting princess diamonds, as you can be assured of their quality.

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