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With the development and progress in various fields, the number of scams is also increasing. The diamond ring field is also susceptible to scams. Sometimes, you may purchase a high-quality diamond from the best diamond website. The quality of the gemstone would be graded by the online salesman who sold it to you. Of course, you may opt to appraise your diamonds to ensure its quality, especially the ones purchased from online diamond dealers. However, what if the appraiser graded your diamond as a poor quality stone? You would surely get frustrated when it turns out that you spent a whopping amount on a cheap diamond. This usually happens when you purchase a gemstone whose grade has been bumped.

Diamond grade bumping

Diamond grade bumping can be defined as the process of inflating the quality of one or more quality determining attributes of a gemstone. Needless to mention, these characteristics mainly include the cut, color, carat weight, and clarity of a diamond. However, the jewelers are not allowed to inflate or misinterpret the qualities of diamonds and ethical jewelers will never do this. Even though there are certain guidelines to assess the quality of a diamond, the final opinion will reflect the evaluation method of the appraiser. This can sometimes make a huge difference in diamond quality.

Furthermore, the lack of proper metrics to grade a diamond provides flexibility to the jewelers who grade their own diamonds. It is worth noting that a jeweler can represent any of the attributes of their diamond with a grade higher than its original value. Usually, jewelers who practice grade bumping used to grade the cut and clarity grade of their diamonds one step supreme than its original grade. Sadly, you can find the difference only after doing an independent assessment of the diamond.

The significance of purchasing certified diamonds

You can easily tackle the issue discussed above by purchasing diamonds certified by an authentic third-party rather than relying on the grading report of an in-house jeweler. At the same time, never rely on the diamonds that are graded by unrecognized labs since you cannot rule out the chances of your jewelers influencing them.  In fact, the best option that you may consider in this case is GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified gemstones that features the best and accurate diamond grading. Otherwise, only purchase a diamond after getting it appraised by an independent and trustworthy jeweler. Note that even though a seller may not legally misinterpret the grades of a diamond, they may get biased while assessing their gemstones.

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