How Can You Tell If You Bought A Real Diamond Or Not?

Reputable Online Jewelers
Reputable Online Jewelers

For many people around the world, purchasing a diamond is an emotional thing, something in which we invest and dedicate ourselves. It only makes sense to know if it’s real or not before committing to a stone. You’re probably wondering how to say whether or not a diamond is real.

Many “fake” diamond counterparts can be confused with a real diamond nowadays. It is often recommended to buy diamonds from reputable online jewelers to ensure that you get real diamonds.

In this article, we will give you some tips to find out if your diamond is real or not.

Do The Fog Test

Keep the ring between two fingers for the fog test and breathe with a flash of air. Due to the moisture and heat in the breath, a light fog forms on the diamond. The diamond is real when the fog disappears at once. It’s a fake diamond, probably, if it takes several seconds for the fog to scatter. Diamonds effectively heat up and thus quickly disperse heat.

Try Water Test

Find a drinking glass of normal size and fill it with water 3/2 of the way. Put the loose stone into the glass of water. It’s a real diamond when the gemstone sinks. You’ve got a fake diamond when it floats below or on the water surface. A real diamond has a very high density, so it shows if this level of density corresponds to your stone.

Heat The Stone

Diamonds are made of unbelievably strong materials that do not react to high heat. Take a drinking glass to test it and fill it with cold water. To hold the stone, use a series of blowers or fire-resistant gloves. Heat the stone for about 40 seconds, then throw it directly into the cold water. It is made from weaker components and does not represent a true diamond if the stone is broken. There should not be any reaction to a true diamond.

Check The Setting

Look inside the center of the ring to see whether the setting is really as described. For instance, the gold type is given by 10K, 14K, and 18K notes. PT and Plat are used to mark platinum. Seeing a number like 585, 770, 900, and 950, shows the purity of the platinum or gold.

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