Guide to Buying Engagement Ring Metals That Suit your Skin Tone

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We all know that wedding rings are very close to our skin and must choose carefully. It will be easy for you to choose a loose diamond for the wedding ring. However, the difficult part is the selection of the engagement ring metal. The color of the ring metal sometimes might not match with your skin tone. These metals could compliment your skin tone negatively or positively. Therefore, finding the right metal for your wedding band is necessary and there is platinum, white gold, or rose gold to choose from. Gold, silver etc can also be attractive on wedding rings.

Here is a guide to understand how the color of the metal compliments your skin tone and things you could learn while ring shopping.

Standard Skin Types

Fair Skin: By far silver or platinum are the best choices of metal for light skinned peeps. Silver has so many different and beautiful alternatives like white gold or platinum – and there are no hassles mixing them together as well. These metals give a radiant look to the fair skinned and accentuate their beauty.

Mediterranean or Olive Skin Tone – This rocking shade of tone could carry off almost any color metals. Gold would be the prominent color that people with olive skin tone would love to wear. However, the skin would even look radiant in silver or white gold.

Dark Skin – These lucky peeps could consider themselves ravishing in any color metal. Gold and white gold would stand out on their skin tone. Also don’t forget to mix and match your style.

Warm Skin Tone – If you have a fair yellowish skin tone and your veins are visible through your skin, and then you have a possibility of warm skin tone. Rose gold would be a matching metal for your skin tone as it eventuate your skin in a complimenting way.

You will find that yellow gold and copper tones will suit you more. So if you have fairer skin but want to wear something other than silver or gold, opt for simple rose gold earrings matched with rose gold necklace.

Cool Skin Tones

Well, if your veins are purple, you are on the cool undertones on the end of the spectrum. You often find that your skin will turn pink when exposed to the sun. This is again where you’ll find that a pair of white gold diamond earrings will compliment you a lot better than its yellow gold counterparts will. If you’re looking to add a little more vibrancy than silver, try a beautiful gemstone or diamond.

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