Getting to Know about Reputable Online Jewelers

Trusted Online Jewelers
Important Diamond Facts

Is it safe to buy a diamond online? Yes! Nowadays we have trusted websites like Rockher which offer quality diamonds and we could buy from them without any fear. People need not worry about getting a fake diamond from websites like this for the following reasons.

Jewelers Have Their Reputation at Stake

Reputable dealers are always concerned about their reputation. There are many other online jewelers who offer similar services to customers. If customers are not offered quality products, the dealers would lose their reputation and eventually would lose their market share. Therefore, online dealers always sell their diamond with appropriate certificates. These certificates are usually issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

They Will Insure your Shipment

Diamonds are usually shipped via UPS or FedEx with insurance, tracking and required signature. Reputable jewelers have a long history of sending diamonds to offshore locations. Some jewelers have not even lost a single diamond, which makes them more trustworthy.

They Have No-Questions-Asked Return Policy

Reputable online jewelers offer the best return policy to its customers. Providing the best return policy also helps to improve the reputation of the dealer further. When returning a diamond, customers should only be concerned about any price differences.


Reputable online diamond dealers offer various services to their customers, some of them are

  • With the use of an internet facility, customers can access diamond websites 24/7. Most online websites offer online assistance, customers may clear doubts regarding diamonds with the help of these specialists.
  • Most reputed stores offer a lifetime warranty to their diamonds.
  • Reputed dealers offer free shipment and return policies to their customers. Customers should only be worried about any price change in diamonds when they are returned.
  • Most dealers improve their relationship with their customers by offering them a 100% refund policy within 30 days.
  • Online dealers now offer 360-degree high-quality videos of their diamonds. Customers can even find flaws in the diamond with the help of these videos.
  • Online dealers offer the best diamonds to their customers. These diamonds would have great quality and precision.

People also buy diamonds from online auction sites. Experienced buyers usually end up with the best deals. Before purchasing diamonds from online auctions, make sure to

  • Get details about the diamonds sold on these sites.
  • Be familiar with recourse, online auctions and escrow payments in case something goes wrong.

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