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The most important factor that makes diamonds indefinably appealing and one of the spectacular rarities in the world is its eternal luster. Needless to mention, one of the main factors that affect the sparkle of a diamond is the light performance. Note that a diamond tends to sparkle depending on the amount of light passing through the stone. Furthermore, the four attributes that are considered to determine the quality of a diamond include its cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Out of these, the cut of a diamond directly affects its light performance and, thereby, its brilliance or sparkle.

When it comes to diamond cuts, it is grouped into different families; brilliant, step, mixed, and rose. This classification of diamond cuts is done by considering the unique set of pros and cons shared by different diamond cuts. In other words, every diamond cut boasts different features and you must choose the one that suits your style. For this, you can seek suggestions from any of the reputable diamond dealers or trustworthy online diamond retailers. Note that the diamond cut that complements the finger, style, and personality of your friend may not necessarily suit yours. So, be very careful while choosing the diamond cut.

Brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular option because of its resplendent appeal. However, nowadays, people swooning over the unique beauty of step cut diamonds are increasing. If you are also thinking about considering step cut diamonds for your engagement ring, it is better to refer to the following questions before jumping into a conclusion.

What are Step Cut Diamonds?

You can see eight beautiful lines running down the stone in case of step cut diamonds. These lines are designed in a way to draw the attention of viewers directly to the center of the stone. Additionally, this diamond cut feature step cuts that run parallel along the length and breadth of the stone. Plus, the facets in step cut stones will be larger when compared to brilliant cut stones and will be designed in a way that it looks like gleaming steps. Hence, it got the name. Note that step cut diamonds are particularly known for their ‘hall of mirrors’ effect.

Which Diamond Shapes Come under the Step Cut?

The three popular diamond shapes that come under the step cut family include the emerald cut, baguette cut, and Asscher cut. All these diamond cuts feature a rectangular silhouette. While Asscher and emerald-cut stones are commonly used as the centerpiece for diamond engagement rings, baguettes are ideally used as accents because of its elongated structure. Plus, baguettes can highlight the center stones to the fullest.

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