Finding the Right Metal Ring According To Skin Tone

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In case you are searching for a piece of jewelry which has a similar appearance on everyone, you may be having a very hard time finding one. This is due to the simple fact that everyone has a different color tone. Therefore, every piece of jewelry has a different appearance on everyone. One of the major differences among people is the color tone of the skin. If you have a better understanding of the features of different metals, you would be able to pick the right jewelry from the best diamond online dealer. Below is a discussion on the same.

Determining Your Skin Tone

Find out your exact skin tone. It is advisable to look at your skin under natural light. Try to find a spot where the veins are not noticeable. For almost everyone, the wrist area is a good place to find this out. In case your veins appear purple or blue, it means you have a cool skin tone. In case your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone. If you notice blue in certain areas and green in a few others, you own a neutral skin tone

Remember well that the skin tone is not the same property as the skin color. For example, it is possible to have light skin with warm skin tone and darker skin with a cool skin tone. Skin tone has more to do with your ethnic background. On the other hand, the skin color is more related to the environment you live in.

Matching Skin Tone To Metals

After you find the tone of your skin, you can find the metal color which can match well with your skin tone. People who have cool skin tones appear great in white or light metals including silver, platinum, or white gold. Meanwhile, people who have a warm skin tone are best looking when they use copper, rose and yellow gold, and brass jewelry

Matching Skin Tone With Gemstone Colors

If you can match the metal colors to the skin tone, it makes sure that the jewelry does not become a distraction. Note that metals are not supposed to be the center of attention for jewelry, finding gemstones that match your skin could make your fingers look even livelier. Cool skin tones look best with bright colors like purple, blue, red, and green. Earth tones like yellow, brown, turquoise, and orange are great for warm skin.

Finding the appropriate match for the skin tone makes it convenient while you purchase from the best online diamond retailer.

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