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Cannabidiol is a substance procured from Cannabis Sativa plants that has a lot of properties useful for human and animal health. The cultivation and trade of industrial hemp are legal in the US, so you can consume CBD derived from the plant for health purposes. You might or might not be able to use marijuana-based CBD depending on which part of the US you belong to. In some states, it is allowed to use, provided that you have a medical marijuana card.

Most CBD products available in the market for health issues are hemp derivatives. CBD is turned into many different forms, including edibles, oils, and tinctures. People tend to think that CBD oil and CBD tincture are the same, but this is not true. Their application can be the same, but these products have different ingredients.

Cannabidiol oil is made with a base oil. On the other hand, cannabidiol oil is one of the ingredients of a CBD tincture product. This is the main difference between both forms of CBD. Anyhow, when it comes to using, there is not much of a difference between the two. You can consume both sublingually or along with food.

Sublingual consumption of cannabidiol means putting some drops of the oil or tincture underneath the tongue, keep it there for a while, and then swallowing it. It is a good way of consuming CBD because you will feel the effects of cannabidiol in around 20 minutes. So if you are interested to use cannabidiol in this way or orally, you might want to know what some of the best CBD products are.

Each product that can be categorized as the best often comes with a third-party laboratory test result. By looking at CBD oil lab test results, you can know whether the manufacturer claims regarding the product ingredients are true. Here, we will discuss a list of real tested CBD products to help you find the best product for your use.

Before we start, it is worth pointing out that we recommend every product shared below, and that each has passed its lab’s pesticide and solvent tests. Many of these items’ laboratory results show that the tested/actual ingredient quantities are the same as in the label, but some outputs reveal positive or negative discrepancies.

‘4 Mind & Body’ Of 4 Corners Cannabis

This product is ranked first under Real Tested CBD’s ‘Best CBD oil’ category. No wonder the product has the maximum recommendation of the website. Going by the site details, one gets the impression that there are only positive things about the product. However, this is not the case.

In the case of 4 Corners Cannabis products, the lab result says that one bottle contains 15.36% less cannabidiol than what is on the packaging. This inaccuracy commonly happens in the CBD sector. This is to say, ‘4 Mind & Body’ is not the only product that has it and it will not be the last one either.

However, the good thing about the item is that it seems like a full-spectrum cannabidiol product, just as the brand claims. This form of CBD product has the entourage effect, meaning the result of all hemp cannabinoids working in synergy.

‘Hemp Extract’ Of Blue Ribbon Hemp

While ‘Hemp Extract’ does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, it has every other phytocannabinoid to be categorized as a broad-spectrum CBD product. The manufacturer advertises it as a product that has 1000 milligrams of cannabidiol, offering 33 mg of CBD for each serving. However, the Irvine lab has found that there is 314.54 mg more CBD than what the brand informs on the product packaging.

Maybe that is why the website lists it as a product that provides the ‘best value’. The brand, Blue Ribbon Hemp advertises it as an ideal product for elderly consumers. Not all of them may like raw CBD oil’s earthy taste, but mango flavor is added to it to mask the taste. So everyone can enjoy it. The product comes with a dropper for easy application under the tongue. So it is made in such a way that arthritis patients can easily get and use the tincture.

‘Raw CBD Oil’ Of Endoca

As with every other CBD tinctures out there, this product also comes in a dropper bottle. The test found that it contains all major phytocannabinoids you would want, such as cannabidiol, tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabinol, cannabigerol, and cannabichromene. Therefore, the CBD website states that it is a very good value for money.

According to the packaging information, the combined quantity of CBD and CBDA in it is 300 milligrams. However, the test result pegs the combined amount at 256.22 milligrams. Anyhow, it has more positives than negatives and is ranked at the number 3 position, just a single score shy of the second product in the list.

‘Hemp Oil’ Of Functional Remedies

As far as Real Tested CBD’s rating is concerned, there is little to choose between the products listed here. This is another CBD tincture that comes with a dropper. It is a full-spectrum product that contains every popular phytocannabinoid. So it will have the entourage effect and will be that much more beneficial for your health.

Functional Remedies advertises that the product contains 1000 milligrams of cannabidiol, but the test result finds the actual quantity to be 8.60 mg more than it. The brand used MCT oil as an ingredient of it. Many CBD tinctures use it as a carrier oil, meaning something that ‘carries’ cannabinoids into the body. Another specialty of the product is that it is made using the ‘hand-pressed’ method.

‘CBD Tincture’ Of Hemptown USA

This tincture contains many cannabinoids except for tetrahydrocannabinol, which makes it a broad-spectrum CBD product. As per the brand’s claim, the 1-ounce bottle has 250 milligrams of cannabigerol, and 1250 mg of CBD. However, the laboratory test has found that the amount of CBD is 130 mg more than it and that the CBG level is 9 mg less.

The product has a reasonable quantity of both cannabinoids, and wintergreen flavor. The customer will pay $0.04 for each milligram of cannabidiol, so the tincture is excellent value for money. In terms of the feature alone, it is comparable to only Blue Ribbon Hemp’s item out of all the products listed here.

It was introduced in December 2019, so you cannot find many customer reviews of the product on the internet at this moment.

‘CBD Extract + MCT Oil’ Of Feals

This tincture is produced with excellent whole-plant hemp extract containing beneficial compounds of the plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabichromene, cannabidiol, and cannabigerol. The testing information service website states that it offers great bang for the buck, for a full-spectrum CBD product.

In the formula, there is no additive, but it has the two ingredients that make the product strong. The dropper can hold up to 30 milligrams of the oil. The test result shows that the actual quantity of cannabidiol in it is less than the claimed one. However, there is confusion regarding the difference as the information is unclear in this regard.

Some users have reported that they have not liked the natural hemp taste of the product. Still, Feals deserves our appreciation for how it procures cannabidiol from the plant. It uses the CO2 extraction method, which generally results in a healthier and purer product.

‘Vanilla’ Of FABCBD

FABCBD sells its full-spectrum CBD oil product named ‘Vanilla’ as a dietary supplement. The product comes with many different dosages of cannabidiol. FABCBD offers its tinctures in different flavors, and it is easy to identify these items because each is named after its flavor. As the name implies, vanilla is the flavor of this hemp CBD product. In the event you prefer flavored items, then it might be right up your alley.

The product has all the major phytocannabinoids present in industrial hemp. Going by the website information, the product is claimed to have 1200 milligrams of cannabidiol, but the test result pegs it at 1036.97 mg. So you would assume that it is 163.03 mg less than the quantity the brand claims, but there appears to be some lack of clarity here. The product package and label only show ‘1200 mg’, but we are not sure whether this piece of information refers to CBD.

Anyhow, if the package contains 1036.97 mg of cannabidiol, as the test result states, you would need to pay around $0.10 for each milligram of it. This is why the website finds that it is great value for money.

‘Cinnamon-Flavored Full Spectrum CBD Oil’ Of HempWorx

The brand, HempWorx’s full-spectrum offerings are available in some different flavors, which include cinnamon. The brand has used no synthetic flavor or artificial sweetener in any product of it. So, this product has a sweet and spicy cinnamon flavor.

This item has all the beneficial properties of the industrial hemp plant. Therefore, some describe it as a ‘whole-plant hemp’ product. It contains tetrahydrocannabinol, but not in enough quantities to give you a psychoactive effect. This is because federal law mandates that every hemp derivative contains only up to 0.3% THC.

The brand advertises that it has 1500 milligrams of cannabidiol, but the test result shows otherwise. As per the result, there is only 1447.36 mg of CBD, which means a difference of -52.64. Even so, in the event you choose to purchase the product, you would end up spending 0.11 per milligram of it.

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