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Most of you may have heard the saying “Diamonds are forever”; this saying actually pictures the purity, eternal love and strength of diamonds. It really takes about 990 million years for the formation of diamonds, and some diamonds are found to be as old as 4.25 billion years.

You may all have seen diamonds in an online diamond store or a nearby shop but there are also a number of diamonds that were esteemed too high that even wars were fought for them. Majority of these precious stones became a part of the treasures kept by Royal Families.

Below is the list of famous diamonds around the world.

Spoonmaker’s Diamond

The Spoonmaker’s diamond is a pear-shaped diamond having a carat weight of 18-carats. It comes under the most deemed treasures of the Imperial Treasury. This diamond could be seen now at the Topkapi Palace Museum. There are a number of stories revolving around this beautiful diamond. One of the stories suggests that the stone was first discovered by a poor fisherman. The fisherman found the stone amongst the litter. He looked at the stone and turned it over and over but was unable to determine what it actually was. He then showed the stone to a jeweler. The jeweler after making a glance at the stone told “It’s a piece of glass, take it away if you like, or if you like I’ll give you three spoons. You brought it all the way here, at least let it be worth your trouble.” The fisherman agreed to this and took the spoons for the precious stone. This is how the diamond got its name “Spoonmaker’s diamond”.

The Sancy Diamond

The Sancy diamond is a beautiful pear-shaped stone that weigh about 55 Carats. The first person to own this diamond is Charles the Bold who was titled as the Duke of Burgundy. However, during a battle in 1477, he lost his title. The stone got its name from a later owner Seigneur de Sancy who by the end of the 16th century became Turkey’s French Ambassador. He lent the stone to Henry III, who was a French king. The king used to attach the stone to his cap which he made use of for covering his bald head. Even the French king Henry IV too used to borrow the diamond from Sancy. In 1664, the precious diamond was sold to James I, the king of England.

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