Diamond Certification: Does It Matter?

Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring
Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

Diamonds are complex pieces of art which attribute their beauty to the 4C’s, being Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colur. Now, the difference between these various facets of the 4C’s maybe too negligible for the untrained eye of the consumer. But it will certainly reflect in the price tag that is loosely tied to the brilliant cut diamond ring. You may not feel the difference, but the reduced zeros in your bank account will argue otherwise.

Further, because the expertise of the one evaluating the diamond needs to be high, it is of the highest importance to have sound knowledge of the characteristics of the diamond and its various attributes. Since the difference in the cost is so much, you never want to be in a position where you are paying for something that doesn’t deserve to be paid that much. Diamond certification is the vanguard for customers all over the world.

It is often that buyers think as to why certain gemstones and diamonds come with elaborate charts, packaging with loads of information, certification, while some less than remarkable pieces just bill you with a sweet “Do visit us again” phrase stamped at the bottom of the receipt. The reason is that the heftier the reports and certification, the more is the value of the diamond. Further, these diamonds are called as certified diamonds, with the reports and certificate backing that claim.

These certifications are granted by gemological institutions which carefully study and evaluate, rate and compare the quality and make of the gemstones. This doesn’t mean that non-certified diamonds don’t have ratings; they very much do and other accompanying documentation but it still lacks the seal of approval or an official certificate from an institution such as GIA or Gemological Institute of America.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Piece Certified?

  • Having a certified diamond means it is proof of authenticity. If your diamond were to be misplaced or stolen, then these make it easier to find them.
  • The piece is officially appraised for its real value and worth. The quality of the gem is assured and you know that it will last for years to come and withstand damage and daily abuse.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Certify Their Diamonds?

The price tag. The diamonds that are worthy of certification will have a significantly higher price tag compared to an uncertified diamond, but frankly, it is worth every dollar for the quality-conscious buyers who need to be sure that what they are buying is the best diamond ring for their money’s worth.

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