Coronavirus Vaccine For Puppies?

The Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has put us all in a state of endless anxiety. Not knowing when this is all going to blow, and when we can get back to our normal lives does keep us awake at night. Pet owners are also hit, because the nature of the COVID-19 is yet to be completely uncovered, and owners don’t want to risk neither their beloved pets nor their loved ones. The misinformation floating about also does nothing but worsen the situation…

So to know all about how “coronavirus” affects your pets and what you can do to help them best, read on….

Does Coronavirus Affect Your Puppies?

One needs to understand that coronavirus is a GROUP of viruses. COVID-19 is just one of them. They are found most commonly in animals. The canine respiratory coronavirus (CRCoV) for example affects dogs, and they show symptoms like sneezing and nasal discharge. Not an issue for adults, but can be life-threatening for puppies! Get routine checks at the vet, and vaccinate them!

Does COVID-19 Affect Your Puppies?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) that are killing thousands of people all across the globe surprisingly does very little to pets as far as we know. There is no concrete evidence that says that the virus jumps from house pets to humans, and they are not treated as carriers. There have been two cases that came about in China. One was a Pomeranian breed and the other a German Shepard. The German Shepard was tested positive but didn’t show any symptoms or signs of the disease whatsoever. The Pomeranian was 17-years old, when she was tested a weak positivefor the COVID-19 virus. The dog was quarantined and released disease-free, but ended up dying 2 days later. The reason can be pinned to the compromised immune system due to the age, as most Pomeranians only live upto 15-16 years. But the exact cause of death is yet to be found. As of now no evidence exist that support that puppies/dogs get ill with COVID-19 or that they spread it to people and other animals!

But unless and until the facts uncover themselves it is important that we don’t interact with pets as much while in isolation. Do not let them lick your face, as you may be endangering the life of your puppy if you’re infected. Be sure to wash your hand after touching pets, and follow basic hygiene etiquette. Wear a good quality face mask that you can find here, to prevent the transmission to or from your pets. Do not compromise of the quality of your facemask as that may be the difference between you being healthy, and you being infected with COVID-19!

Be safe and stand united. Separately, of course!

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