Best Ring Settings For People With Active Lifestyles

Online Diamond Shopping
Online Diamond Shopping

Many people would prioritize aesthetics above usefulness while looking for engagement rings from reputable diamond stores. If you go to the gym, swimming pool, pound the pavement, and do hard labor on a regular basis, however, you should look for rings that can handle your everyday demands without compromising beauty or flair.

Diamonds are extremely robust, yet they are not indestructible. They, like any jewelry, are subject to wear and strain and may chip or shatter. As a result, anyone who leads an active lifestyle should choose rings with solid, long-lasting settings that will safeguard both inset and solitaire diamonds.

If you have an active lifestyle, here is a list of some of the best ring settings to look for when you do online diamond shopping.

Cross Split Shanks

This ring has two thin bands that intersect in the middle of the finger, giving it a sleek and modern look. While the aesthetic is clean and modern, the diamond ring is also extremely refined. The protective, four-prong head mounting that supports the solitaire diamond is held in place by the cross split shank setting, which provides excellent support.

Infinity Twist

Engagement ring sets for people who lead active lives don’t have to be simple solitaires. The Infinity Twist engagement ring is loaded with pave-set diamonds and boasts a diamond halo encircling the center diamond for people who seek maximum sparkle. While it’s never a good idea to wear your ring while doing anything particularly difficult, pave diamonds are situated low in the band so that they don’t get in the way during exercises, athletics, or other rough physical activities. A diamond halo surrounds the central diamond, providing additional safety.

Bezel Settings

Consider the less-common, more-modern bezel setting for even more security. For people with active lifestyles, engagement ring sets with bezel ring settings are the best option. The girdle of a solitaire diamond is entirely shielded by a bezel setting, which produces a halo of metal around it. The diamond is almost impossible to fall off or become damaged in bezel settings. They also have the advantage of not snagging on garments and being more discreet than a traditional prong placement.

Platinum Settings

The best protection comes from platinum settings. Platinum is 4 times as hard as gold, but costs twice as much. Platinum jewelry frequently contains rhodium, copper, and iridium as alloy metals. Platinum with a purity of 900-950 is considered high-grade.

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