Are There Any Buying Myths Surrounding Diamonds?

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Diamond Buying Myths

Since the primitive ages, man had been haunted with several blind beliefs, and those practices were even applicable while buying jewelry. The question of whether there were any myths involved behind buying diamonds had existed has got some answers, some very common answers. People still feel reluctant to think out of that box, no matter how much eternity had passed.

“More Fire from Diamonds Can Only Be Acquired from High-Grade Stone”

The brilliance of a diamond has nothing to do with the clarity grade they are made of, unless they are excessive cloud diamond. Some common high clarity diamonds such as internally flawless, Flawless and VS1 will not sparkle much as they are expected to. Meanwhile, it is the cut of the diamond, reflecting maximum light that determines the sparkle of the diamond, rather than the quality.

“Knowing the Carat Weight Can Make Diamond Buying Easier”

Carat Weight and the size of the diamond are not proportional to each other. Therefore, if somebody asks you to buy a diamond of particular carat weight, they may not always weigh as much as you expected it to weigh. Any buyer will get confused at this concept as the diamonds of the same carat size can differ in their shape and size.

“The Most Beautiful Diamonds are Colorless Stones”

This belief will not always prove to be correct, as many very expensive diamonds like grade ‘D diamonds’ are translucent in nature rather than being transparent. They can be far more dark and dull if they are cut and shaped properly.

“Diamond Grading Has NOT Got Much to Do While Buying Loose Diamonds”

Even if you are buying from the best diamond seller in the town, going for the ones without a valid grading certificate or report is extremely dangerous. More than the customer’s, it is the responsibility of the vendor to get their diamonds certified. The stones are supposed to be verified with either GIA tags or AGSL.

“A Finely Cut Diamond Will Save your Cash”

This could be one of the most strongly believed and followed myths in the list. People do prefer buying the less costly ones, like the inferior cuts, by which they only get minimum sparkle or brilliance. So, one has to be really conscious while buying that perfect cut diamond.

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